CARES drafts open letter to administrators

Dear President Hill, Dean Roellke, and Dean Chenette,

CARES is writing with concern about the hiring process for the new Title IX Coordinator. Julian Williams had a strong relationship with CARES during his time here and we hope to continue to have a good relationship with whomever takes on the position. That being said, we are hoping to stay involved with the hiring process in order to keep the administration transparent.

When Julian was hired, a member of the SART team was included in the hiring process. As the members of campus most familiar with students’ experience in the Title IX process, we would like to request that a SART member is included in the hiring process again this year, and that the SAVP coordinator be involved in the process as well. With her detailed knowledge of Title IX process, the SAVP coordinator would be best to question prospective candidates about their familiarity with the process.

It is essential that SAVP, SART, and Title IX work together to best serve our college’s students. Without having SAVP and SART present in the hiring process, the new Title IX coordinator will not have credibility with the student body. The best way to keep SAVP and SART involved would be to have specific interview sessions with SAVP, SART, and other interested students during the hiring process.

In addition, we would like to request that any changes to the Title IX process or the Title IX position itself are communicated to students, particularly student groups like CARES who are invested in helping students through the Title IX process. We are not able to effectively do our jobs without accurate and up-to-date knowledge of college regulations.

Thank you for your continued consideration of what is best for students.


Best regards,
Barbara Olsen
Dayle Rebelein
Lydia Murdoch

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