Maher ’97 returns to lead television writing workshop

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Every year, countless students suffer sleepless nights of the one dreaded thought: What am I going to do after college? With so few successes in the entertainment industry it is especially difficult to find a path towards success. Here at Vassar, we’ve had our fair share of alums pave the way, however. There’s Meryl Streep, Lisa Kudrow and many more. And then there’s Kevin.

Kevin Maher ’97 might not be a name you recognize, but you’d be pretty familiar with some of the work that he’s written. He has worked with HBO, Comedy Central, VH1, Nick­elodeon, AMC, CNN and many more channels. He has even been nominated for an Emmy Award, performed in a solo comedy off-Broad­way and worked on a Christian teen talk show.

In his diverse career, Maher has written and developed TV shows, short films and various multimedia projects. He is current­ly raising money for a web series called An­drew 12-Sided Dice Clay. Thus far, he has raised $7,387 for the project, which chroni­cles a bad-boy stand up comedian. Clad in a black biker jacket, Andrew stands on a stage spouting expletives, parodying traditional “shocking” comedy.

Maher will be returning to Vassar to lead the writing workshop, “True Tales from the Writers’ Room: The Business and Craft of Writing,” which will delve into much more than just scripts.

Associate Director for Employer Relations in the Career Development Office Susan Smith, one of the coordinators of this event, had much enthusiasm for the upcoming workshop. “I’m excited to bring Kevin back to campus because I think his workshop will offer practical information for students interested in the Film/TV production busi­ness, and he seems eager to share his knowl­edge and expertise with our students.” Many alumnae/i give back somehow through en­dowments, but giving back has rarely meant leading a workshop.

Maher will explore how to find your dream job and deal with a job interview. He will also interact with workshop participants to customize the lessons and directions of the event. The former alumnus was a Histo­ry and Sociology Major who also had inter­ests in television, so the lessons he will teach could be helpful to anyone who is fascinated by the wonderful world of entertainment. There’s no preparation needed for attendees; just bring yourself and your creativity.

Workshops at Vassar offer a great oppor­tunity for those who even have the slightest interest in the topic to explore. There have been a wide array of people that come to Vassar to lead workshops, like famous writ­ers, casting directors, poets and actors. You will also find people of similar interests who could become good friends. One doesn’t even have to have any experience in the topic to show up. After all, you have to start somewhere!

While this event may appear specifically oriented for Drama, Film and Media Studies students, anyone is welcome to attend by enrolling through VCLink online. Space is limited so register as early as possible. More information can be found on the Vassar Cal­endar.

Caleb Featherstone ’18, who intends on being a Drama Major, has attended previous workshops and will be going to this one, ex­plained what drew him to want to go. “I’m interested in writing and I believe that it’s a great opportunity to learn more.” Like when Vassar has hosted other speakers, these events are great chances to ask more about their topic and discover ways you can get more involved.

Prospective Film Major David Gabriel ’19 explained,“The writing workshop, more than anything, will give me a taste of what it is like to work in the industry as opposed to seeing film as an abstract idea. Hands on learning experience makes the theoretical concrete.” Gabriel will be attending this event as his first writing workshop. He continued, “Also often times when we learn about films, by studying and analyzing them, we lose track of what we need to do as prospective film­makers, to further our own careers. This brings us into that headspace.” Through the experience that Maher has in the entertain­ment industry, he has a lot of tips to offer and advice to give, including dispelling ru­mors and illusions people might have about the film industry.

Currently, Maher hosts a web variety show called Kevin Geeks Out, where he takes an in-depth approach to discussions of some geek culture staple, including such topics as zombies, animal attacks or visions of the future, and provide humorous commentary. Additionally he hosts monthly live shows where he investigates obscure topics in film and television. These videos and informa­tion about his events can be found on his blog, ThisKevin.

The workshop will be at 4 p.m. in the Col­lege Center Muti-Purpose Room on Wednes­day, Sept. 30.

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