Letter to the Editor: Alan Darer ‘14

As a Vassar graduate, I was excited to read that the school is considering adding more plant-based options to the dining offerings (“Aramark intro- duces vegan dining initiative” 10-21- 15).

Not only is reducing meat consump- tion a great way to improve your own health, the less meat we eat, the fewer animals suffer the horrors of factory farming.

Some nine billion animals including pigs, chickens, and cows, suffer each year on U.S. factory farms. T

hese are animals who are just as friendly and intelligent as the cats and dogs many of us grew up with yet spend the majority of their lives in intensive confinement.

Instead of receiving compassion and love, these innocent animals spend their short lives in fear, crammed in small crates.

As well, animal agribusiness also contributes largely to 15 percent of human-caused global greenhouse gas emissions, which leads to dramatic climate change.

Choosing plant-based foods has out- standing health benefits that include lowering the risk of cancer, reducing heart disease, fighting diabetes, and even curbing obesity.

I hope Aramark at Vassar will add these new options at ACDC for the health of its students, animals, and the planet!

—Alan Darer ‘14 is an alumnus of Vassar College.He was the co-president of VARC. He helped institute Meatless Mondays.

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