Letter to the Editor: Olivia Price ’17

Please consider this response to “Ara­mark introduces vegan dining initiative” (10/21/15). Save the Earth – from the time we’re young, we hear about ways we can take personal responsibility for doing so: recycling, taking shorter showers, and composting. These are all important ways we can do our part to make the world a better place.

But recently I’ve learned about anoth­er way we can help that can have a much bigger impact on the planet –as well as our own health—eating more plant-based foods! That’s why I was so excited to read about the possibility of Vassar Dining and Aramark brining more vegan options to campus

The United Nations has implicated ani­mal agribusiness as a leading greenhouse gas emitter. A study by Carnegie Mellon University demonstrated that we’d do more good for the planet by eating meat-free one day a week than by buying all of our food locally. Eating more plant-based meals is a small change we can all make that can make a huge difference! Thank you Aramark for making that even easier for Vassar students.”

—Olivia Price ’17

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