Cookie recipes to make your tastebuds give thanks

Now that Halloween’s over, it’s time for Christmas! At least that’s what the commercial world is trying to tell us. In honor of that, I decided to look up cookie recipes. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Christmas isn’t for another two months! Just kidding, we’re all thinking about Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving break. And Thanksgiving food.

If there’s one thing that I love, it’s the amount of food I manage to consume on Thanksgiving. There’s always one thing missing, however, and that is the fact that Thanksgiving isn’t big on cookies. And let me just say, pies are the brussel sprouts of the dessert world.

I always leave the dessert table with a far too empty plate. What is the appeal of mushy, warm fruit congealed inside a bowl of baked butter? And how does pumpkin pie become that texture? I guess I’ll never know.

Complaining aside, I do like to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for cookies. To celebrate this fact, I did a little bit of searching for festive cookie ideas.

Now, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Why can’t we let Halloween fully run its course before letting Thanksgiving take over? Well, I have Halloweened myself out, my friends. I want nothing more to do with pumpkins or monsters or ghosts and definitely get that “witches’ brew” out of my face.

In addition, the Deece has already started having turkey and stuffing. So it is perfectly reasonable for me to start craving things with the theme of giving thanks.

My search, somewhat surprisingly was not in vain. It started on Instagram, but that got too complicated, as I really didn’t even know where to start. Naturally, I turned to Google. Google Images did not let me down.

You would be surprised, or maybe you wouldn’t be, at how many tumblr-like blogs there are that are devoted to cookies. I certainly was. They may not be grandma-level homemade, but they’re pretty aesthetically pleasing. And we’re all about the aesthetic.

First, a letter: Dear Oreos, the bottom of this recipe was trying to get me to buy candy corn flavored Oreos. Please stop, Oreos. Please. Love, a Devoted Fan.
But back to these adorable Nutter Butter turkeys. I’m guessing you need Nutter Butters, Oreos, some of those weird hard candies that could make the beak, and M&Ms for the wattle and feet. I’m not sure how they managed to make everything balance on that Oreo but I suggest crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Especially since that Oreo and Candy Corn tail looks heavy. Note how it is not a Candy Corn-flavored Oreo, but a two separate entities. The way things should be.

Okay, this first one is already making me hungry. What ever happened to Nutter But­ters, anyway? According to the amazing ge­nius who came up with these, you just need mini Nutter Butters, mini chocolate chips and regular-sized chocolate chips. Plus a fancy trick where you microwave a plate. Then, to melt the bottoms of the chocolate chips, you put them on the warm plate so they melt just enough so they’ll eventually stick to the mini Nutter Butters. The mini chocolate chips make the top of the acorn and the regular-sized chocolate chips make the acorn! Ta-da! An entire treat devoted to chocolate and peanut butter!

I found this one on a site called “In­dulgy.” All you need are those fudgy cookies that become the brim of the hat, and mini Reeses Cups to make the actual hat part! Oh, and some mad icing skills. How did they make that tiny little buck­le square on the front of the hat?! When I went to look for the “recipe,” it really was just a blog post about how quickly this woman’s infant daughter ate all of the cookies behind her back.

This one looks like it may take a little more skill. And by a little, I mean you actually have to make the dough, and then cut out the shapes, and then bake all of this into cookies all before you even get to ice them. To complete the icing process you probably would need a machine to make everything that perfect. And then you need to put on your patient gloves so you can actually arrange the plate. You need eight dif­ferent cookie cutters! I think I’ll just admire the aesthetic of this one rather than stress myself out by looking at the recipe.

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