Day: November 11, 2015

Video attacks VC student services

By RHYS JOHNSON – 9 years ago

courtesy of YouTube Vassar maintains a special spot on the ever-growing list of American colleges and universities with reputations for being hotbeds of liberal idealism, a description that many on…

ASU speaker critically reflects on Blackness

By ALAN HAGINS – 9 years ago

America. courtesy of  Last week, accomplished au­thor and Vassar graduate, Nana Brew-Hammond ’98, delivered a lecture on the intricacies of Black­ness. In a style of rhetoric which entwined the…

Silent poetry adopts visual rhyme

By SIEU NGUYEN – 9 years ago

  Kenny Lerner stole a wallet from an inadvertent man at a gas sta­tion, handing it to Peter Cook, who then gave out the money to the au­dience in the…

Fencing team’s first contest a ‘Big One’

By ASHLEY HOYLE – 9 years ago

  It seems a bit ironic that the Vassar College men’s and women’s fenc­ing teams would begin, rather than end, their seasons at The Big One, but nonetheless, the tournament…

Reaffirming community support crucial in wake of video

By THE EDITORS – 9 years ago

In September, a reporter from the online journal service Project Veritas posed as a student and surreptitiously took a video of interim Title IX coordinator and Assistant Di­rector of of…

Dialogue delves into interreligious conflict

By SARAH SANDLER – 9 years ago

courtesy of Samuel Speers It is important for Vassar students to be aware of the events hap­pening in the world around us. To promote this belief, Vassar hosted a conversation…

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