#Foodspiration, New Potato blog innovates from afar

As we find ourselves trekking back to Poughkeepsie and settling into second semester, there are many things to miss about home.

Sure, your dorm room is probably very cozy, but it definitely doesn’t stand a chance next to your wildly long winter break, or better yet, the gifts we often take for grant­ed—home-cooked meals and breakfast in bed.

As we compress our lives back to two main drags, it is not likely to stumble upon any major changes or additions along Main Street or Raymond Avenue.

To avoid hitting a plateau throughout these next few months, know that you can at least relieve your imagination with a vir­tual vacation. This is where The New Pota­to comes into play.

The year was 2013 when sisters Laura and Danielle Kosann launched their live site, The New Potato, which blends all things food-, fashion- and culture-related. Their inspiration stemmed from an urge to fill an internet void that offered an exclusive opportunity to get a taste for food and fun without having to fly cross-country to do so.

Rather than sifting through a site strictly dedicated to recipes, The New Potato re­invents what it means to be a modern day foodie, all while appreciating all varieties of cultures and different types of people. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that these featured guests happen to be some of our favorite celebri­ties.

The New Potato provides an innovative cure for even our most unpredictable crav­ings. If you wake up dreaming about avoca­dos, hop on the site only to find a surplus of fun ways to incorporate everyone’s favorite shade of green—breakfast wraps, smooth­ies, salads, sweets and even luxurious spa treatments.

And if you can’t seem to put a name to your craving of the day, week or month, maybe searching through some of your fa­vorite celebrities’ kitchens will help assist you in your search. Whether it be a tip or two about peanut butter from Katie Couric, obligatory sushi orders from Abigail Bres­lin, the best sweet snacks from the found­ers of SoulCycle or ramen remedies from Elijah Wood, don’t be surprised by how fast time will fly while exploring this site and the many delicious distractions that it has to offer.

Beyond Robert De Niro’s favorite cock­tails, the cast of Modern Family’s most prioritized meals and Kris Jenner’s go-to recipes, The New Potato also features both famous and up-and-coming restaurants and chefs from a wide range of cities across the east coast, west coast and even Europe.

Be sure to scope out original “TNP” rec­ipes (beyond the rich and famous), which range from any and all breakfasts, drinks, mains, sides, starters and garnish inspira­tions.

Good food should make you feel good too, which is why The New Potato also covers fashion and lifestyle secrets rang­ing from diets, beauty, health, style, tech and traveling. In fact, co-founder Danielle Kosann proclaims that “most people in fashion will say that this [The New Potato] is the place they go when they don’t want to go to a ‘fashion’ site.”

Plus, when these tips come from figures like Hilary Rhoda and Jessica Alba, they are indeed hard to pass up. Be sure to scope out the Kosann sisters’ evolving site as co-founder Laura Kosann announces plans for the future, “We would like [The New Potato] to be a full-scale media company. The brand is there, and we’ve created silos that can grow into different things—books, product lines and TV.” Safe to say we should all stay hungry.


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