TV series to reveal Misc’s production

Today, filming started for the newest TV series “The Means of Production,” which aims to ex­pose the thrilling process behind the completion of the Miscellany News, Vassar’s longstanding week­ly newspaper, from a gleam in the Editorial Board’s collective eye all the way to the illustrious printed pages. The Office of Communications is taking on this project the help remove the shroud of mys­tery surrounding how the Misc is completed every week, whether or not anyone wants to find out.

Many students have no idea what goes into pro­ducing the paper, and are merely relieved to find that on Thursdays, they have another pile of papers to not read. Once the “The Means of Production” goes viral, they will surely be telling their grand­kids that they used the Misc as a coaster once.

Every Tuesday night, the editors of the paper get together in the office of the Miscellany News, conveniently located on the third floor of the Col­lege Center, a floor that most students have no idea even exists. At this time, the editors arrange every letter of the paper onto the Misc’s printing press and hope that the handful of readers and the im­mediate family of the section editors overlook the mistakes.

Commenting on the Misc’s audience and read­ers on campus, Sophomore Senior Editor Rhys Johnson said “The best way I can summarize it is that in terms of readers, it’s more than you would think, but less than you would hope.”

This newest reality TV special is all about bring­ing the Misc more into the forefront of the public eye, by placing the film on the extremely popular Admissions and Alumnae/i websites.

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