Add texture to your diet by giving this gadget a spin

Whether it’s a specific meat, vegetable, fruit or dessert, people frequently stick to using ingredients that they like to cook meals. For some, it’s just easier to stick with what they know. For others, it just slips into becomes routine. This might sound like com­mon sense, but after a while one can’t deny that the same taste, same style and same recipe cer­tainly gets boring, and the last thing someone wants to do is become sick of their personal favorite plate.

This is where food can get really fun and, better yet, it doesn’t require that much change on your part. In fact, it only takes one purchase: the mysterious and magical spiral­izer.

Never heard of one? Don’t fret. Not only are you not alone, but you’re also likely to join the club of converts who can’t quite be­lieve they ever lived their life without this crafty, culinary piece.

The spiralizer is best described as an ef­fortless, but efficient sous chef. In seconds, this device converts a surplus of vegetables into thin and tender noodles. Sounds odd, but after a bite of zucchini linguini or sweet potato spirals, it is hard to resist this tasty and healthy combination, especially when it can change up the ways of eating favorite ingredients.

The spiralizer presented here is also known as the Paderno. Those in the know about spiralizers will recognize it as top of the industry. For 30 dollars, this popular product produces painless spiralized vegeta­bles one turn at a time.

The hardest part is knowing how exactly to use it. All you really have to do is twirl the handle and push the veggie through the blades to transform nearly any solid into its very own pasta-like form. Of course, once you get the hang of the Paderno, you won’t want to stop spiralizing your meals.

There are endless ways to incorporate spiralized dishes into your diet. For start­ers, zucchini makes a delicious and healthy linguini that, when properly seasoned and matched with the right sauce, literally tastes just like pasta—only better since it omits the carbs while forcing you to eat more vegeta­bles!

But the list goes on. Bell peppers also make a perfect substitute for pad Thai noo­dles all while absorbing the perfect flavor of the peanut-lime sauce and producing an undeniable taste that rivals Lemongrass and Thai Spice put together. And if Thai isn’t your thing, consider your other options.

You can use your handy new spiralizer on apples and create the perfect filling for a simple and delicious apple-rosemary tart. Or keep it simple with a nice apple slaw. Don’t forget you can make a regular cabbage slaw to work as a side on all types of meals.

Spiralize all your raw veggies, including lettuce, cucumber, carrots and onions to make a simple and elegant salad to impress your housemates and neighbors with when you have a potluck dinner!

However, I should probably warn you, af­ter tasting a decadent dish like sweet pota­to noodles in cashew sauce, you may forget that the classic baked potato, or sweet potato fries, ever existed.

Keep in mind that the spiralizer is not limited to pasta renditions. In fact, upgrade any salad by spiralizing standard cucumbers, squash and/or red onions.

The possibilities are endless. You can make pastas, pies, tarts and everyting in be­tween, while staying healthy. A spiralizer is a great way to trick yourself into eating more vegetables.

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