UpC guy behind Vassar Missed

Patrick has been an anonymous hero to the countless students who know him as The UpC Guy and now the Missed admin. Both UpC and the online profile represent ways for people to connect with their passions, whether sugary or romantic. Photo by Sam Pianello

The Vassar Missed admin has fi­nally revealed himself. Patrick “The UpC/Kiosk Guy” has posted a statement on the page and disclosed his role as the mind behind the most popular Vassar-related Facebook group since Good Party Themes be­came Very Mediocre Party Themes. Patrick/UpC Guy has confessed to starting the page in order to garner compliments for the people working tireless nights at UpC, but his efforts were all for naught. Patrick bemoaned, “No one even gave a shout out to Pre­cious. Precious! She’s the Kiosk’s gem”

His other inspiration came from the never-ending line at UpC. “If people line up for $15 smoothies, they must be equally desperate for love,” he wrote.

In his statement that was longer than a Mark Zuckerberg treatise, Pat­rick outlined how he used gossip from other students to get his page off the ground, “People trusted me, so I used that trust to make people feel better about themselves. I’d say I’m going straight to that Kiosk in the sky.”

Though Patrick seems to be hap­py at the success his page received, he is wary of how many posts he had to choose not to publish. Apparently, there were many posts criticizing The Misc, specifically the Humor Editor.

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