VSA Meeting 4_17_16

7:05// Consensus Agenda

Consensus Agenda passes!

7:10// Exec Reports

Activities: Pre0org reviews are done. Org reviews are about to happen. We are reviewing all of them in a rapid fashion. We’kk have a week to do it. I now have updated recrds of which orgs have closets. Orgs should have gotten an email with a form to submit their leadership for next year.

Finance: Annual Budgeting should be opening up tomorrow. Annual Budgeting will go from tomorrow until Sunday morning, April 24. I understand that Passover is begining on Friday. The idea with having an application due on Sunday morning is to give people time on Saturday and Sunday morning but if you are having trouble, just let me know and we can work osmething out. On May 8th, we would have our final suggestions for VSA Council to approve all our VSA budgets. Orgs are probably going to see budget cuts because we’re opening up some new areas.

SoCos: I’m going to be sending out the treasurer checklist. We’re adding a couple of steps that help us keep track of some things we lose track of this year.  We also have tons of new orgs.

Pres: Motion to have our annual budgeting meeting on May 8 and scrap our meeting on May 1. We’re doing this by consensus.

Motion passes!

7:17// Ammendment

Pres: A week ago we met and looked through the things we had either made errors on or forgot. We wrote about the VSA interns who have not had our place in our bylaws or constitution. Also junior class positions can be held by one semester. The fith section that the student reps on the CIE will also be on another committee. The last thing is a proposal to pay house presidents.

SoCos: This is something that Res Life is covering and it is something that is in a long-term process. It is the first step in that direction. I’ve made Luis aware that we want to know what’s on the Res Life side of the job and what’s on the VSA side. This is part of a larger conversation next year.

Activities: Is this going into effect for next year? For house presidents who don’t want to give up their work study jobs.

Ops: We have been in conversation about this back and forth. What is written is correct.

Essie: I don’t think this is true because I’ve had a conversation with Luis two days ago and he said it’s like a stipend like a student fellow. You should check in with him.

SoCos: Just to clarify, Exec stipends was treated differently. Whatever Res Life gets from student financial services, that’s up to them and not for us to enforce.

Pres: We might not need to say that the pament is $300 since it might be subject to change.

SoCos: I wanted to add that the webmaster should also communicate with the Co-Chair for Finance.

7:23// Constituent Concerns

Lathrop: There are still rats everywhere.

Pres: We talked to Bob. They might move back in.

Essie: The thing about the rats is that there is nothing we can do except if B and G gets more money. The exterminator can only come in once a week. They don’t pay him enough to do the serious rat extraction work.

Raymond: Part of the problem are all the holes in the buildings.

7:25// Open Discussion

SoCos: Res Life task force. We’re hoping to have a report explainging some of the main things merging out of the committee. We’re looking at trying to use the comprehensive fee more critically for students. Also we’re working on a policies template. We’re trying to make a template for all of your policies by the end of the year. I’m going to try to annotate it. Expecially for Exec, we should think about what things we should put in your policies document.

President: Art Rodriguez is coming tomorrow week.

Cushing: Cushing is doing a space for people of color in Cushing.

SoCos: We emailed CAFA last week. We passed a resolution about our commitment to need-blind. It was well-received. The dialogue is continuing and they are doing the numbers. Admissions rate is up more.

7:29// Meeting adjourned.

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