The top spots across campus for optimizing “work”

Map courtesy of Google Maps; Grahpic by Sarah Dolan
Map courtesy of Google Maps; Grahpic by Sarah Dolan
Map courtesy of Google Maps; Graphic by Sarah Dolan

With the end-of-semester quickly ap­proaching, the number of sleep-de­prived students has skyrocketed on cam­pus. The Miscellany News decided to help these students out by seeking out the most sleep-worthy spots around campus. We spoke with a team of nap-experts, self-refer­entially described as “The Slumber Squad,” to inform us about the comfiest locations.

Each nap location on the map provides a unique space for sleepy students to fall into deep day-dream reveries remarkably absent of the stress of finals period. There’s some­thing for every kind of napper. Whether you’re a power-napper, a booze and snooze, or an eyes-wide-open type, there’s a loca­tion waiting for the imprint of your sleep­ing body. While there are signature nap lo­cations equipped with the nap essentials of solitude, comfort and silence, there are other locations which provide for the eccentric nap enthusiast.

The library meditation room is a tradition­al nap sanctuary with pillows and soft carpet, while the chapel’s pews provide a twist on an old classic. The open echoic space provides a place to unleash the napper’s subconscious creativity, float out of body and into the lucid dream of your dreams. If you think you look your best asleep, perhaps the performative atmosphere of the CDF is the right venue. Or, need to nap quick for respite between classes? Try one of the Main locations like the Jade Parlor, Rose Parlor or the fifth floor MPR.

As senior napper Tatiana Londono ’16 said, “When in college, you realize you can nap anywhere. Even the floor can be pretty comfy when exhausted.” For tired students everywhere on campus, Vassar’s spaces are a great uncharted playground of nap locations. We invite you to find the best personal nap spot to suit all your nap ambitions, and as a reminder, sleep tight.

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