Letter to the Editor

Dear Members of the Miscellany News Ed­itorial Board:

We were disappointed you did not go to the source when writing your editorial “Ca­reer Development resources benefit some over others” (4/21/16). The piece contained myriad inaccuracies, including a claim that the CDO provides “little outreach” to first generation and low-income students. In fact, the CDO intentionally emphasizes this work. This year alone, we collaborated with Tran­sitions to host eight separate workshops and events, drawing a cumulative attendance of more than 225 first-generation and low in­come students. At our most recent event, Finding Empowerment in Your Everyday Ac­tivities, student leaders discussed the impor­tance of extracurriculars, wage labor, and the skills they provide.

Additionally, the CDO facilitated or co-hosted a variety of sessions for all stu­dents related to “life beyond Vassar,” includ­ing four budgeting workshops, two renting workshops, and 15 alumnae/i panels and ca­reer chats featuring a variety of majors and industries (including psychology, film, and music). We continued our programming partnerships with the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development, Women’s Cen­ter, ALANA Center, Office for International Services, and Questbridge, as well as with a number of student organizations, including the Business Club, Council of Black Seniors, and Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Af­fairs. We always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with academic departments and student organizations to provide relevant and timely programming for all students.

Space prohibits us from correcting all the errors in the editorial. We invite any student to come in and meet with us to learn more about the programs and resources we offer, or to provide constructive feedback.

-Stacy Bingham
Director, CDO & Assistant Dean of Studies

Tyler Fultz ‘15
Fellow in Career Development and Co-co­ordinator, Transitions Program

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