Annual MET Gala disappoints

“This gala is like the Grammy’s of style!” tweeted Kanye West, referring to the MET Gala. This year, the theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

The theme of fashion and technology seemed fitting for an event that has kept Anna Wintour and Vogue relevant in the 21st Century.

But the clothes didn’t deliver. This year, things got lazy and a bit expected.

First of all, there was so much silver. Kim Kardashian, in a completely silver Balmain dress, was quickly dubbed C-3PKim online–a somewhat deserving moniker given her robotic resemblance. Her better (worse?) half, Kanye, wore a matching silver blazer and, um, blue jeans. He wore silver-colored contacts that re­minded me of people who take their Halloween costumes way too seriously.

Taylor Swift also came in silver. Her dress strongly resembled, as one meme put it, “the bottom of a salmon fillet.”

Beyonce, who arrives last every year and is one of the most anticipated guests, arrived in a latex Givenchy gown. “Omg is she wearing Becky’s skin?” wrote one Twitter user, referring to Jay-Z’s alleged mistress.

The night wasn’t a complete disappointment. Claire Danes came in a modern Cinderella dress that literally lit up. I expected more of this kind of look–the kind that actually integrated tech­nology and didn’t just slap on a little silver and call it a day. Danes’s dress showed some of the potential the theme could have inspired.

But dubbing the night a look into the future of fashion seems a bit premature. With the huge capabilities of modern technology, I’m disap­pointed that the very best we got was a light-up dress and colored contacts. Maybe Kris Jenner, who sported black horns at the gala, can spend the year growing real ones for next time.

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  1. What is this article? Is this a newspaper or a high school gossip magazine? There were multiple innovative costumes like Jaden Smith, Amber Heard, and especially Emma Watson’s, not just Claire Danes with a load of other slackers. Write something constructive that highlights as well as critiques the gala and the people in it, not destructive through insults of the dresses.

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