A musing on hate symbols, epidemic since the election

(This week the Humor and Satire section is giving pause to reflect on the pain and fear caused by Trump’s election)


what to do when you see a swastika

1. pinch yourself to make sure you haven’t been transported back to 1940s germany
2. stare at it for awhile
3. cry
4. try to rationalize it
5. lose all ability for words
6. wish you weren’t the way you are
7. cry
8. try to scrub it away
9. (try to scrub it away because no one else will)
10. (try to scrub it away until your knuckles bleed)
11. wrap up your knuckles
12. fall down and weep
13. wonder if you matter
14. curl up
15. cry
16. get up
17. wipe yours tears
18. (wish you didn’t have to get up)
19. (wish you weren’t down to begin with)
20. try to move on
21. (get angry about the fact that you have to move on)
22. move on

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