Imagining the election results like the death of a loved one

(This week the Humor and Satire section is giving pause to reflect on the pain and fear caused by Trump’s election)


You have died


Who wakes me up gently by the sliver of warmth

that embraces me

Before falling back into the world

You who walks beside me

the clicks on the ground were reliable

You were a good walker, never too far be­hind or ahead

with one hand always on my shoulder

I’ll miss the dinners we had

whether the two of us or with many others

sometimes we defended us, others we cel­ebrated

either way

I was whole because of it


You who have never left my mind have died

I am awaken, but this time by falling

I walk the same path but the silence is


at dinner, brunch, and every other minute

I breathe

I try to remember your sound, space

that you were indeed once well

Maybe one day you’ll come back

to wrap me in security and reaffirm my self

but until then I walk

trying to fill the silence

I breathe doubly, heavy

and each moment I both try to forget you and remember you,

you who has died

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