The Miscellany News Staff Editorial

This week, the Editorial Board has dedicated these pages of the paper to make space for members of the Black community at Vassar who may have been affected by the recent hate speech incidents and wanted to respond with art, poetry and other creative expressions. Normally, in this space we publish an op-ed, co-authored by the Editorial Board, in which we discuss campus events or recent global and national news. Considering the hateful events of this past week, we felt responsible as a student-run newspaper to highlight student voices in processing the deeply-rooted racism on campus, but recognized that it would be inappropriate to take ownership of experiences that we as a predominantly white Editorial Board have not felt firsthand. By leaving the content of the pages based entirely on the submissions we received, we aim to stand in solidarity with Black students and vow to continue to offer a space for healing and processing.

We received the following poem in our call for submissions:

“A cloudy look into the mind of my identity” by AnnaRose Broome ’17

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