Vassar tries to be Hogwarts

Interim President Jon Chenette poses for his official photo donning Harry Potter garb to show support for the new reading initiative and display his superfan status. / Courtesy of Vassar College and Jose Galisto

This past week, Interim President Jon Chenette announced that Vassar will be participating in a “One Book, One Vassar” initiative between now and the end of the semester. This decision is inspired by “One Book, One New York,” an effort to have New Yorkers from all five boroughs read the same book.

With the promise that this program will be rewarding for NYC, Vassar has embarked on its own version. “We feel that it would be beneficial if all students were on the same page, literally,” chuckled President Chenette. “Did you get that? I made a pun!” After getting past a round of giggles, Misc reporters were unable to uncover the truth about the book that has been selected. “We feel that there is only one book, albeit seven books, that truly define Vassar students and their passions,” notes President Chenette.

The Office of the President has officially made the announcement: Vassar students will be reading the full Harry Potter series. While it is already assumed that all Vassar students have the full series in paperback, hard back and audiobook, extra copies will be added to the library and will be available for check out.

Some students, however, have expressed concern. “It seems preposterous that we must read the series again, every Vassar student has already showed the necessary level of obsession with the books,” comments junior Dean Thomas.

As Headmaster Chenette explains, “As muggles we must do our part to understand the wizarding world, and only by re-reading the series for the 476th time can we ever accomplish that.”

Headmaster Chenette will be holding office hours this week to discuss the matter further with any students who have concerns. The password to get into his office is “Nosebleed Nougat.”

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