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Vassar Student Association Elections VSA Elections are underway!

If you’re reading this, there may still be time to file for an open position—filing is open until Thursday (3/30) at 2:30 p.m.

If you’re interested in running, you can check out the open positions in the Spring Elections Guide, sent out by Calvin in two recent all-campus emails. Don’t be afraid to run for a position that already has candidates—contested races promote healthy democracy! You can run for various positions on the VSA Senate: on the Executive Board, as a Class Senator or College Planning Senator, or as a Committee Chair. Each positions have varying levels of responsibility and commitment, so there is something for everyone, and all Senate members come together once a week to meet as the full VSA.

You could also file for a position on your residential area’s House Team (including the apartment areas)! House Teams are comprised of elected House Officers and appointed Student Fellows, Community Fellows and HSAs. House Teams create and foster community in their respective houses and throw regular study breaks and all-campus events.

Finally, run to represent the student body on various Joint Committees (a committee made up of administrators, faculty and students), on the Judicial Board, or on the Board of Elections and Appointments! If you’re a rising senior, you can also file for a position on Senior Class Council, which throws various senior class events throughout the year, culminating with Senior Week just before graduation.

This evening, Thursday, Mar. 30, all candidates will attend the mandatory Candidate’s Information Meeting, which covers the rest of the elections process, including campaign regulations. As soon as the meeting is over, you’ll start to receive your Facebook event invites and see posters going up around campus advertising various candidacies!

Candidates will campaign for your votes until next Tuesday, Apr. 4. At noon on Tuesday, you’ll receive a link to vote via email, and voting is open through Thursday, Apr. 6 at noon. Seniors can vote for all-campus positions! That evening, Apr. 6, the results will be announced live in the Old Bookstore, and they’ll also be tweeted by the Misc!

–Calvin Lamothe, VSA President

Project Period

Project Period (aka “P.”) is a VSA initiative dedicated to providing free menstrual products to the Vassar community. The project was conceptualized in Fall of 2015 and has been in the works ever since. The project, at this time, offers menstrual pads and tampons of varying absorbencies.

Our products, packed away in clear boxes, are located in each residential bathroom and in a few academic/general bathrooms (ex. Main College Center, Library, Bridge Building, etc.). We’ve got them stationed at the most popular spots on campus so students will not go without, no matter where they find themselves in the case of an emergency. This project will go live early to mid-April so keep an eye out for those nifty boxes! In the very near future, we are looking to expand the project to include anonymous ordering and delivery, similar to C.H.O.I.C.E. As always, the VSA appreciates your feedback. Send us a comment about your experience with Project Period to Natalie Kopke, VSA Chair of Health and Wellness, at vsawellness@vassar. edu.

–Natalie Kopke, Chair of Health and Wellness

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