Updates from the VSA April 6, 2017

Elections Voting Delayed by One Week

As you may have seen in my most recent all-campus email, voting in the Spring Elections has been postponed by exactly one week. Voting will now take place from Tuesday, April 11 at 12 p.m. to Thursday, April 13 at 12 p.m. Results will be announced next Thursday evening, time TBD (most likely in the Old Bookstore). The campaigning period has been extended until the beginning of the voting period.

The Vassar Student Association (VSA) was left with no other option but to make this postponement, as CIS, who operates the software that we use to administer our elections, has been overworked with the implementation of Workday and understaffed as a result of various illnesses.

This Week’s VSA Senate Meeting

This week, the VSA Senate invited Luis Inoa, Director of Residential Life, for a forum. In the forum, we discussed issues surrounding Campus Dining, House Teams and Student Leader compensation, the future of Co-Ops, and more.

In addition to approving our usual slew of fund applications, we also certified Healing 2 Action (H2A), a student activist group, as a new Level 1 Pre-Organization.

We discussed proposed changes to the College’s Mission Statement that were proposed by a committee made up of faculty, administrators, trustees and one student. The feedback given by VSA Senate members will be conveyed to this committee for their consideration.

Finally, various VSA members provided updates on the work they and their committees are doing in their final month in office (more on select projects to follow). If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, all VSA Senate minutes, agendas and meeting materials can be found in a folder on Google Drive called “VSA Senate Agendas 2016-17,” to which all students have view access. See the first of this week’s two all-campus emails for a link the folder, and add it to your Drive for easy viewing!


Project Period is officially back on! For those of you who don’t know, Project Period (aka “P.”) is a VSA initiative dedicated to providing free menstrual products to the Vassar community. The project was conceptualized in Fall of 2015 and has been in the works ever since. The project, at this time, offers menstrual pads and tampons of varying absorbencies. Our products, packed away in clear boxes, are located in each residential bathroom and in a few academic/general bathrooms (ex. Main College Center, Library, Bridge Building, etc.). We will have them stationed at the most popular spots on campus so students will not go without, no matter where they find themselves in the case of an emergency. This project will go live early to mid-April so keep an eye out for those nifty boxes! In the very near future, we are looking to expand the project to include anonymous ordering and delivery, similar to C.H.O.I.C.E.

At this time, Health & Wellness Committee is recruiting volunteers for Project Period who would be interested in managing the project long-term. If you are interested in being a part of this, please email Natalie Kopke at nakopke[at]vassar.edu to confirm your interest and to get relevant updates.

Final NYC Shuttle of the Year!

Save the date: the last VSA-sponsored VSA shuttle to New York City will be Saturday, April 29. As the date approaches, keep an eye out for more information via email and in these Misc updates about ticket sales!

VSA Friday Movie Night Series

The VSA is working with the Campus Activities Office to revive the Friday Night Movie Series that took place long ago in Blodgett Auditorium every week! The series will be starting up again within the next few weeks, and we will be screening four to six movies (depending on the start date). We have also applied for funding for a popcorn machine so that we can serve refreshments! Stay tuned for more information as the project develops.

Take the What Happens Here Survey!

Vassar is conducting the second What Happens Here: Campus Climate survey of all currently enrolled students concerning issues relevant to sexual assault, misconduct and interpersonal violence at Vassar.

In order to have reliable information, it is vital that as many Vassar students participate as are comfortable. Your candid answers will be helpful, informative and appreciated.

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and completely anonymous. Your decision to answer any particular question on the survey, or not, is equally voluntary.

Links to the survey are individualized (so that the survey may not be taken twice) and can be found in your vassar.edu email inbox starting on Monday, April 10 through Friday, April 28. The email containing the link is labeled: “Vassar Sexual Misconduct Survey – your invitation and link”.

Survey FAQs, including findings from, and responses to, the 2015 Campus Climate Survey may be found on our survey website! Stay tuned for updates at www.vassar.edu/whathappenshere/

Let’s encourage one another to take this survey so that we have a better understanding of #WhatHappensHere.

-—Calvin Lamothe, VSA President

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