Day: May 3, 2017

Gender binary proves toxic in everyday life

By Maddy Ouellette for TBD – 7 years ago

It’s Christmas, the only holiday when my mother’s family gets together–despite the fact that most of us aren’t even remotely Christian. My older sibling, my younger sister and I sit…

Men’s lacrosse off to conference playoffs

By Fiona MacLeod – 7 years ago

Even before the initiation of conference games, the 10 seniors of the Vassar men’s lacrosse team knew that this was their year. Despite never reaching playoffs in all of program…

VAST provides tutoring, activities for middle schoolers

By Laila Volpe – 7 years ago

The “Vassar Bubble,” a well-known phenomenon on this campus, is an undeniable issue. To counteract its effects, some students seek to connect with the Poughkeepsie community by getting involved in…

Alphabet workout regimen suitable for dorm rooms

By Kaitlin Prado – 7 years ago

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been a fitness instructor. I don’t know anything about your personal physical fitness journey, and I cannot be held responsible for…

Journalist Gessen examines the first 100 days of Trump

By Steven Huynh – 7 years ago

At a lecture this past Friday, well-known journalist Masha Gessen caught her audience by surprise when she compared the current president to Vladimir Putin, who has historically served as a…

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