Updates from the VSA

— The Health and Wellness Committee is looking into discounts for Project Period supplies and are trying to purchase things sustainably and from ethical producers.

— If your org would like to be a part of the Mental Health Fair, please email vsawellness[at] vassar.edu.

— We will be checking in with dorms and senior housing to insure that they each have proper first aid supplies and basic medicines, while also coming up with a plan to make sure these resources are not misused.

— VSA will be having a forum with Dean of the College Chris Roellke on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. in New England 106. Come with questions or to listen to what the VSA has to say and ask him!

— The Board of Activities is working with the College to purchase a new sound system that will be accessible to students for a variety of events. They will consult with orgs to purchase the equipment that will benefit the most people.

— We are looking for more all-campus programming events for Vassar students. If your org is interested please send an email to vsaorgs[at] vassar.edu.

— NYC Shuttle options are being considered. The first one will be in November. If you have feedback or ideas, reach out to vsaresidential[at] vassar.edu or vsaprogramming[at]vassar.edu.

— A survey will be sent out (working in coordination with Planning Committee) to orgs to get feedback on ways in which the VSA—specifically the orgs committee—can help orgs reach their potential. If you are on the leadership board of an org, please look out for this survey and fill it out!

— BSU, ASA and UJIMA are collaborating with ViCE Weekly to bring an event to campus that would bring PoC together to share their love for hip-hop and music related to this genre.

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