Updates from the VSA


— The Organizations Committee will start compiling a list of possible orgs to au- dit (about 10 percent of the orgs on campus). They will begin by looking at orgs that have been “dead” and have no budgets or contact info and those that have not been complying with expectations (SAVP training, treasurer training, etc.).

— The Concert Committee interest meet- ing happened last week. This will likely be held every Wednesday. They talked about possible artists to bring and divided the group into: Music, Logistics, and Publicity. They hope to have a lot of outreach to surrounding colleges and community.

— Kevin Arce ’20 is working on the First- Year Programming Committee and is com- ing up with a meeting time and ideas for programming. If you are a first-year and are interested in being on the committee email: karce[at]vassar.edu


— Vassar is currently going through the reaccreditation process, which includes a structured self-study around four outcomes, include to analyze the quality and effective- ness of programs that support the success of a diverse student body and develop recommen- dations to integrate effective practices around the College, to identify ways to integrate the new open learning option curriculum and cross-interdisciplinary programs and to ana- lyze whether current organizational structure and development of financial resources aligns with Vassar’s goals. Are we using things re- sponsibly?

Forum with Dean Roellke

— The VSA had a forum with Dean of the College Chris Roellke in Senate on Sunday. Some of the topics discussed were:

– Dining Working conditions: Six chef help- ers and one assistant chef full-time positions have been posted. The response by Human Resources to concerns has been acceptable and uniforms by Bon Appétit have been im- proved, as they were previously uncomfortable.

– Search for new head of Transitions

– Issues with and possible solutions for the Office of Accessibility

– Official statement on affinity spaces, coming soon from President Bradley

-Bias incident reports, what determines

when they get sent out to the students

Miscellaneous Updates

— Gender neutral bathroom signs are up in the ACDC!

— Workday training will be held after Oc- tober break!

—Sarah Jane Muder, General VSA Intern

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