Return of ‘Prison Break’ gladdens long-time viewer

“Prison Break” had disappeared from television for eight years following its four-season run. The announcement of a fifth season this year was a pleasant surprise for fans of the show. / Courtesy of Wikimedia

In tenth grade, I discovered the show that would change my life. I was in study hall when I heard two of my friends talking about a show called “Prison Break.” Being the curious person that I am, I decided that I would look up the show and start watching. I did, and that summer I pretty much binged the entire show like a frantic person. I woke up, and the first thing I would do is reach for my phone and watch an episode. It consumed my life.

“Prison Break” is about a man named Michael Scofield who devises a plan to free his wrongly convicted brother, Lincoln Burrows, from jail. One thing that drew me to the show and makes the show worth watching was how incredibly brilliant Michael’s plan is. It is methodically prepared, and I was stunned as to how he even thinks of doing this.

One part of the plan, which was the crux of it all, was weaving the blueprint of the jail into intricate, beautiful tattoos that cover his whole body. He studies the blueprint and draws all the pieces himself. To an outsider, it looked like regular tattoos, but to him and the audience, it was the map to escaping the jail. The next part of the plan was getting into jail to break Lincoln out, and he achieves this by robbing a bank. The story goes on from there as Michael realizes he will face numerous obstacles and the plan will not go as smoothly as he hopes it will be.

One thing I did not really like about “Prison Break” was that it was repetitive. Michael got out of jail just to end up in a Panamanian jail called Sona in Season 3. I guess that is why it is called “Prison Break,” but it felt like Season 1 all over again. Nevertheless, the third season was filled with new plot details, as Michael now has to break out a man named James Whistler, and a new threat emerges named The Company.

Season 4 is all about Michael, Lincoln and their friends bringing down The Company. Season 4 was not my favorite season, as I like the episodes were lacking, and there weren’t as many plot twists as I hoped there would be. It was often boring, so it took me a while to finish. However, Prison Break ended on a sad and strong note, leaving me wishing that it hadn’t. But I went on with my life, and other than the small spin-off series that involved short clips posted to the Internet, “Prison Break” disappeared from reality. Unless you were watching it on Netflix of course. However, in March of this year, I was pleasantly surprised upon when hearing an announcement regarding a new season of Prison Break.

I was surprised to hear about the fifth season of “Prison Break” because I thought there were literally no more stories to tell about Michael and Lincoln. I immediately tried to find all the information about the new season and when it would start. I was excited, and I think all fans were pretty excited, too, because that is how amazing the show was.

Despite some of its falters, it was still one of the most captivating shows I had ever watched. Season 5 is essentially about Michael being held up in a prison in Yemen called Ogygia due to acts of terrorism. But the twists are that Michael was pronounced dead seven years ago, he does not know who Lincoln is when Lincoln goes to visit him and his name is Kaniel Outis. It was mind-blowing as I was trying to piece the puzzles together. Season 5 became my favorite season of all because it so well designed and different from the other seasons. The plot twists were incredibly huge, and the storyline was excellent.

Although it was a repetition of another prison break, it was more than that in a single season. It was jam-packed with so many turns, and I loved how the producers utilized another country, which allowed the viewer to have a glance at the differences between the prison system in the United States and those abroad. This allowed for one last amazing season of “Prison Break.” I also loved Season 5 because it really highlighted the ingenuity of Michael. He once again utilizes the power of tattoos as he has gotten new ones, although this time, we do not know why he has them. Eventually we find out, and it is really a skillful and intellectual idea that you have to watch to fully understand.

“Prison Break,” especially Season 5, touched on sibling love, which provides another layer to the dramatic action of the dominant storyline. I loved how the show explored the relationship between Michael and Lincoln when they are adults and even explored their childhood backstories. They are really different people, but they are always going to be there for each other no matter what. We also learn about both of them as individuals, which Season 5 does very well. We get to learn about the characters and who they are through their actions and the plot. I think this is why I am so attached to Michael Scofield, as he has a very unique personality, and this is what the producers wanted to question throughout the show’s run.

Audiences had created an idea about who all the characters were, so they wanted to push back on this notion. I also loved the sprinkle of romance put into the show. Through the relationship between Michael and Dr. Sarah Tancredi, we learn about him and how he is willing to do anything to save the people he loves, which producers also dig into deeper in Season 5.

Prison Break will not be revived for a sixth season, which is deeply upsetting to those who have been long-time fans of the show. I had hoped that the life of Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows would continue, but I feel okay with where the producers chose to end the show.

“Prison Break” has taught me a lot about perseverance, love and survival. From Season 1 to 5, the characters have been through so much. If someone asks me who my biggest inspiration is, sometimes I say Michael Scofield because his brilliance cannot be matched, and even though he is in the dark, he always manages to find a light. He will always hold a special place in the hearts of viewers of the show.

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