Vassar legends, ghosts sure to surprise every student

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[Content warning: This article makes mention of suicide.]

When I saw that my friends were starting to RSVP for this year’s Halloweekend Facebook event, I felt a rush of homesickness and nostalgia for my favorite holiday. I’m excited to see what shenanigans Halloween in Prague has to offer, but I’ll be missing everyone I love back on campus that night.

Here are a few places on campus where you can connect with the legends of Vassar:

1. If you’ve ever visited the Blodgett basement, you’re probably not surprised to hear that Vassar is infested with ghosts. Specifically, spirits roam the third and fifth floors of Main, the fifth floor of Davison, the Alumnae/i House and the Old Observatory. There’s the friendly ghost of Pratt House, who only haunts those not officially affiliated with the College.

2. It would be a stretch to call this story spooky, but legend has it that Beastie Boy Mike D. was expelled from Vassar after six months when he tossed a keg out of a ninth-floor window of Jewett.

3. Rumor has it that when Jane Fonda attended Vassar, she was sent back to her room after showing up to teatime inappropriately dressed. When she returned, she was wearing the obligatory gloves and pearls, but nothing else. Another version of the tale says that she took her revenge a step further by riding a motorcycle through the halls of Main.

4. While Edna St. Vincent Millay did pen a poem called “The Suicide,” the story of her attempting to leap to her death out of her Jewett window only to land in a tree is utterly unsubstantiated.

5. Joss Beac was once home to an armored tank, a gift from the French government for Vassar’s help during World War I. The story goes that students, desperate due to Prohibition and colle1ge parietal laws, would sneak into the tank to smoke and drink, which they called “getting tanked” (Vassar Encyclopedia, “Vassar Myths & Legends”).

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