VSA Senate Forum with President Bradley

On Sunday, Oct. 22, President Elizabeth Bradley held an open forum hosted by the Vassar Student Association (VSA) Senate. President Bradley presented a PowerPoint slideshow that she had shown to the Board of Trustees and the faculty covering the College’s financial status and options to ameliorate our financial status. She also spoke about potential ways to alter the current residential life system of student leadership. After President Bradley left, the Senate offered time for students to respond to the forum and to express their feelings on this information and these proposed changes.

Attached below is a PDF of The Miscellany News’ notes on the information President Bradley presented, as well as the subsequent Q&A sessions with students in attendance. Please be aware that while we made every effort to accurately transcribe what was said, many of these notes are summarized and not necessarily word for word. Students’ names and pronouns were included only when individuals volunteered them at the meeting. To see more, please refer to the VSA’s livestream of the event on their Facebook page (facebook.com/VassarVSA/).

VSA Forum with President Bradley

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