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Committee Summaries Board of Residential Affairs

— Chair of Residential Affairs Takunda Maisva ’19 has a meeting with President Brad- ley to discuss her perceptions about reslife and whether she has a change of plans. She seemed receptive at the Senate meeting to students’ feelings about changing the student fellow po- sitions.

— The ”What to do if… List” is still not final- ized for distribution.

— They are trying to get first aid kits into all of the houses.

— Stalls in the Raymond bathrooms are starting to be fixed.


— They have visited several orgs and house study breaks about the Student Discourse Fo- rum. Responses have been positive. They are thinking through the system for moderating the forum.

— The results of Org survey have been re- viewed, and they are going to organize a collab- oration conference for pre-orgs in the spring and visit orgs that desired having a VSA repre- sentative in collaboration with Orgs committee.

— They are starting a free trial of discourse software to see how it runs.


— Operations is trying to get a better idea of the workings of the VSA. A member of Ops will be reaching out to committee chairs to ask about long-term goals, committee vibes and participation status.

— They want to start emailing meeting notes to whole campus, and are working out the lo- gistics.

— Discussions continue for the VSA retreat in January or other programming for VSA.


— They distributed the orgs to be audited among members of the Orgs Committee, in- cluding the parameters of the audit. The date by which members of the Committee will have reviewed their assigned orgs’ information has been set for Friday, Dec. 1.

— They reviewed results from the Orgs Sur- vey with Planning Committee. The most pop- ular option was the Collaboration Conference. There was also some interest in having mem- bers of the VSA attend orgs’ meetings. They will be working on reaching out to interested orgs and dividing up the work among members from both the Orgs and Planning committee.

— Aside from the Collaboration Conference to be held for all orgs on campus, they will be in contact with the Committee on Equity and Inclusion to work on an identity-orgs-specific collaboration dinner event. Their aim is to pro- mote collaboration between orgs so they can come up with programming that will include intersections of different identities.


— They brainstormed ideas for an all-cam- pus event. They discussed the possibility of having a silent party, where people can wear headphones through which the music will be played. A proposed date for the event is Dec. 2.

— They discussed a Class of 2019 event and different ideas for where it might be held.

Equity and Inclusion

— They talked about the reclassification of the Sept. 25 BIRT report, which is now classified as a bias incident.

— The meeting between Chair of Equity and Inclusion Tamar Ballard ’19 and Ed Pittman was brought up, as they discussed the creation of a student core team that will work with the ad- ministration in the event of a bias incident.

— Individual contributions to the discussion brought up by members of the committee in- clude: TBD clothes collection survey, French Department and Gender Resources center working together for an event that reexamines the ways the French language is becoming more inclusive towards gender identities that don’t fit the binary, ASA Night Market tabling, the lack of gender neutral bathrooms in academic buildings, H2A meetings and MEChA’s worker appreciation dinner.

Health and Wellness

— The Mental Health Fair will be happening on Dec. 7.

— All the Project Period bins are stocked!

— There is a listserv that people can sign up for to get direct updates about what the com- mittee does and goings-on related to health and wellness on campus. Email vsawellness[at]vas- sar.edu to get committee-specific updates!

Senate Oct. 29

Consensus Agenda: Passed


— Senior Gift Co-Chair: Alan Gutierrez ’18 — TA Treasurer: Connor Martin ’18

— TA Programming Dir.: Sunny Gaughen ’18

— SoCos Programming Dir.: Alexandria Smalls ’19

Finance allocations:

— 1047/1047 to Vassar Bikes (Capital Fund) — 500/3645 to VC Royalty (Annual Budget) — 680/595 to Outing Club Climbing Team (Discretionary)

— 250/250 to Act Out (Annual Budget)

— 410/410 to Healing to Action (Annual Bud- get)

— 2900/6402 to Student/Labor Dialogue (Speakers)

— 1500/1500 to VISA (Collaboration)

— 830/1060 to VUE for Annual Budget (Dis- cretionary)

— 1000/1000 to Traditions Committee (Col- laboration)

— 980/1060 to PHOCUS (Conference)

— 570/570 to Equestrian team (Discretion- ary)

— 570/570 to Equestrian team (Discretion- ary)

— 100/200 to Vassar Run (Discretionary) — 174.93/174.93 to GAAP (Capital)

— 500/500 to Vassar on Tap (Speakers)

Miscellaneous Senate Updates

— The VSA Senate passed a letter urging Vassar College to write an amicus curiae brief to the University of California lawsuit regard- ing the repeal of DACA, as well as encouraging President Bradley to take various other actions to support students affected. This letter will be forthcoming in VSA President Anish Kanoria ’18’s weekly email.

— The VSA held a extensive discussion sur- rounding the events that happened on campus last week regarding the speaker William Jacob- son, whom the VCLU brought to campus. There will be a statement from the VSA forthcoming.

— Next Sunday at 7 p.m. in New England 105, Dean of Students Adriana di Bartolo will be have a forum with VSA Senate. They imagine they will be discussing the Alcohol Task Force, as well as ResLife. Please come if you have questions or comments for her!

— Sarah Jane Muder, General VSA Intern

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