Updates from the VSA

Committee Updates

Operations Committee:

— They are going to try to schedule a joint meeting between Finance, Operations and Planning to discuss Finance restructuring.

— They had a discussion on wanting to have forum norms with speakers whenever there is a guest at VSA Senate.

— Senators for Strategic Planning Micah Fedenko ’20 and Jacob Sowder ’18 created a proposed outline for the VSA Senate retreat.

Planning Committee:

— They are creating a flow chart and publicity materials to advertise the Student Discourse Forum.

— They will start a free trial of the forum.

Committee on Equity and Inclusion:

— They discussed ideas for an identity orgs dinner. They have not settled on a date but will hopefully host the event at the Aula or the CC MPR (maybe UpC). They’ll be collaborating with the Orgs committee, work on getting a list of the identity orgs on campus and get feedback from them on how they would like the event to be structured.

Orgs Committee:

— They talked to 2019 Senator for Strategic Planning Robin Corelo ’19 about ACCESS and the Disability Rights Coalition (DRC). They heard DRC’s and ACCESS’s positions about becoming two separate orgs and their reasons for needing to have two separate orgs.


— They are in the process of planning an all-campus event.

— They’ll be reaching out to other committees about establishing a list of guidelines for orgs holding events so that they meet the committee’s goals of inclusion and safety.

Board of Residential Affairs:

— In recognition of all of the hard work that the dining and custodial staff do, there will be a Worker’s Appreciation Dinner in a few weeks.

— They are working on getting funding for first-aid kits in the dorms; they are thinking of keeping them with student fellows to avoid inappropriate use. They will contain things such as band-aids, alcohol prep-pads, 2×2 gauze and Neosporin. They may want to consult with Health and Wellness to add more supplies and get a more realistic sense of funds.

— They are looking into offering a Town House Talent Showcase, probably next semester, taking place in the THs. They want to bring in students from all parts of campus who have a skill or talent that they do not get to express otherwise and maybe coupling it with a BBQ or Food Truck.

Health and Wellness:

— Restocking of Project Period supplies to take place this Thursday

— They continued planning of the Mental Health Fair:

– Activities divided up among different houses

– Ideas for flyers to advertise were discussed

– TLC and EMS to co-sponsor one of the events for the day

– They are solidifying what the socialization aspect of the events are, where/ when they will be, who will lead them

– Members were tasked with writing instruction sheets for different activities

Other Miscellaneous Events/Promos:

— Kaleidoscope is coming up on Nov. 17, in UpC, as part of a weeklong event.

— Lathrop Love will be on Dec. 1 in Villard Room from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Senate 11/5/17

Consensus Agenda: Passed

Finance allocations

— 1343/1343 from Capital to Senior Class for Cap and gown loan program: Working with Terry Quinn’s office to cover costs of caps and gowns for students based on need.

— 4500/5500 from Council Discretionary to WVKR for Pink Noises event “to showcase women, femme, gender-queer and other non-male identities in electronic and hip-hop music.” Thet want to host four workshops on music and DJ-ing.

— 0/1600 to ASA. The committee agreed to review the application again once the costs have been recalculated because some specifics were lacking. For ECAASU conference with discussions around “political, social and cultural issues relevant to the Asian American community.”

— 1005/1005 to Sori from Capital for instruments and casing (2 Ganggu and 1 Jing).

— 3300/3300 to Hip Hop 101 from Council Discretionary. For No name coming to perform. Probably in the Shiva, most of costs coming out of their budget.

— 200/200 to Vassar Finance Club from Discretionary.

— 451/661 to Vassar Business Club from Speakers for Design in the Digital Age: Crafting Your Career in Design panel. Gives students opportunity for mentorship in the design/graphics industry.

— 802/802 to Vassar Business Club from Speakers for “Artificial Intelligence and Echo Chambers: When Machine Learning Goes Wrong” with Google’s Debarghya Das panel. A leader in computer science and engineering, Debarghya Das will give insight on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

— 145.88/145.88 to Flypeople from Conference For baseball jerseys for uniform costumes for performances.

— 266/266 to unFramed from Conference for Curatorial Activism and the Politics of Schock, a day-long conference in NYC surrounding curatorial activism with rising nationalism and radical conservatism.


— Ellie Winter ’18 was appointed as Senior Class President. BoEA interviewed a lot of great candidates for Senior Class Council President and unanimously decided to select Ellie Winter ’18 for the position. They were impressed with her wide range of experience in both leadership and event planning roles (such as in her position as Editor-in-Chief of Contrast) as well as her experience communicating with administrators to represent student interests. They also appreciated the thoughtfulness Ellie put into her awareness of the position’s serious time commitment, and they are confident that she will be able to make the transition to SCC President smoothly and effectively.

The Senate also held a forum with Dean of Students Adriana di Bartolo. For more information, visit Twitter.com/MiscellanyNews

— Sarah Jane Muder, General VSA Intern

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