Mysterious waffle-making Deece dancer inspires awe

This is a story about an inspiring person to end all stories about inspiring people. Forget about Mahatma Gandhi (I’m from India—I can say that), forget about anyone you look up to. After reading this, you, like me, will be devoted to finding the greatest soul to have ever lived on this campus—dancing waffle guy. Okay, well, I don’t know his name, so that’s what I call him (as suggested by a friend who is also incredibly inspired by this great man).

This is a story from a year ago. It was that dreaded time of the semester called finals week. On a cold night, my friend and I were sitting in the Deece going through our mundane routines, involving a sad Deece dinner and not looking forward to going back to our dorms to study. We were monotonously chewing on our boring food, making boring finals week conversation (Her: How are you? Me: Almost dead, and you? Her: Saaammeee) and waiting to go back to writing some boring papers. And then we just happened to glance toward the waffle makers, and voilà! We saw our messiah, our savior, our inspiration: dancing waffle guy. Allow me to explain.

There was a guy whose face we were unable to see, as he had his back to us. Maybe that’s what makes him even more savior-like—the fact that his great face was never seen by mere mortals like us. Anyway, this great person, clad in a cyan blue sweater and beige pants, was facing the waffle makers. Unlike us boring people eating boring food, this great man decided to take matters into his own hands and eat waffles for dinner. From him, we learned that life is too short to not eat waffles for dinner. You’d think that was what inspired us to make him our savior. Nope! There’s more! You must be wondering how much greater he could possibly get, this divine breaker of dinner norms. But that is just the beginning. He is our inspiration for another reason.

He was dancing. That’s right. Dancing in the Deece. While waiting for his waffles to be made, this great person was grooving to himself. He was dancing like you dance when no one’s watching. He was dancing like he was the happiest guy on Earth at that moment. He was dancing without any music—that’s how great he is! That’s right, no headphones! He was just too great to require music to dance like an amateur. He managed to do it without any accompaniment. And all of this put together is why we named him our savior.

You see, here is a college student in the middle of finals week, surrounded by stressed out students, surrounded by the monotony of finishing papers and take-home finals. And yet in such a dull environment, he chose to stand out; he chose to shine. And man, he shone like a beacon of hope during those dark times. His easygoing attitude of just grooving to himself at a time when everyone wanted to crawl into a hole and weep softly was like a ray of hope. He showed us that you can create your own happiness. He showed us that you can take your well-being into your own hands. He showed us that while the world may be crying about papers, you can choose to enjoy life, to treat yourself by eating Belgian waffles for dinner and by grooving to yourself wherever and whenever you feel like it, without caring if anyone is watching. Like Dumbledore in “Harry Potter,” he reminded us to turn on the light during the darkest of times.

Since then, my friend and I have named him our savior. The only problem was that we didn’t know who he was, so we’re still looking for him, hoping to get a glance of this great man and his carefree attitude. We tried posting on the “Vassar Goals” Facebook page at the time in an attempt to find this inspiring person, but we never did. Who knows? He might have already graduated. He could be anywhere in the world right now. Well, we are still looking for him, for our leader, dancing waffle guy. So wherever you are, and if you are reading this, we are constantly inspired by you, dude! Keep grooving and eating waffles and inspiring millions of stressed out college students like us. Hopefully the universe will reunite us again!

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