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The Board of Elections and Appointments is currently looking for applicants for four positions! Do you want to get involved with Vassar’s student government? Do you routinely read the Misc’s VSA Senate live-tweets? Are you free Sundays at 7pm and also other times throughout the week?

Take a look at the position descriptions to see if you’re interested in applying. All positions will be filled via appointment, meaning that once you submit an application, you will be interviewed by BoEA, and if chosen, you will then be appointed, subject to VSA Senate confirmation.

After choosing a position, just use THIS LINK to apply! The application will be open until this Thursday, Feb. 8, at midnight!

(P.S. If you’ve applied for a position already, we will be contacting you soon!)

Chair of Planning (open for classes of 2018, 2019, 2020)

– In addition to sitting on the VSA Senate, the Chair of VSA Planning shall:

– Set the agenda for and chair meetings of the Planning Committee.

– Sit on the Board of Strategic Planning.

– Manage long-term planning initiatives of the VSA.

– Oversee the annual budgeting process in conjunction with the Co-Chairs of Finance.

– Work with the College Planning Senators to ensure that the long-term plans of the VSA align with those of the College.

– Sit as a student representative on the Master Planning Committee.

– Coordinate with other VSA Committees on long-term projects.

2020 Senator for Student Affairs

– The 2020 Senator for Student Affairs represents their class in working to address issues of student life in an intersectional manner across committees.

– This senator sits on 2 committees within the Board of Student Affairs:

– Academics Committee

– Equity and Inclusion Committee

– First Year Programs Committee

– Health and Wellness Committee

2019 Senator for Student Affairs

– The 2019 Senator for Student Affairs represents their class in working to address issues of student life in an intersectional manner across committees.

– This senator sits on 2 committees within the Board of Student Affairs:

– Academics Committee

– Equity and Inclusion Committee

-First Year Programs Committee

-Health and Wellness Committee

2020 Senator for Strategic Planning

– The 2020 Senator for Strategic Planning works on behalf of their class to manage the internal affairs of the VSA in relation to the plans of the College.

-This senator sits on the 2 committees within the Board of Strategic Planning:

– Operations Committee

– Planning Committee

If you have any questions or want more info on any of the positions, please email me at vsaelections@vassar.edu or VSA President Anish Kanoria at vsa@vassar.edu.

—Nora Eigenbrodt, Chair of the Board of Elections and Appointments

Ride the Bus for Free

– Vassar has partnered with the Dutchess County Public Transit system. This means that we now get free rides to the train station in addition to a whole bunch of other cool places.

– Simply show ID card to the bus operator on any Dutchess County Public Transit bus to receive a free ride.

– The route operates Monday through Saturday only.

– The route runs hourly with the bus stop on Collegeview Avenue near Fairmont Avenue (for travel eastbound to Kmart, Stop and Shop and Adams Fairacre Farms) and at Fairmont Avenue near Collegeview Avenue (for travel westbound to Poughkeepsie Transit Hub and Train Station).

Contribute to the Senior Gift!

-You can Venmo at Senior Gift Venmo Account: @VCSeniorGift

-Or contribute through the Senior Gift Website if students don’t have Venmo: vassar.edu/ 2018gift

-The title of the gift: The Class of 2018 Scholarship Fund

-This kind of senior gift is going to directly benefit a student’s financial package

The Listening Center

– The Listening Center is back every night from 8pm to 12am for the rest of the semester. Go online to www.7cups.com/p/thelisteningcenter/, enter the passcode “Vassar” and click “chat now” to chat anonymously with a peer listener.

Conversations Unbound:

– Looking to join a growing non-profit organization founded at Vassar, working in the economic empowerment of displaced people through college language courses? We are looking for team members! We have opened positions to our team to assist with university expansion, both our Arabic and Spanish language programs, and with our financial department! For more information, email info[at] conversationsunbound.org or visit our website at www.conversationsunbound.org. Here is the link to our application, apply as soon as possible for consideration: www.tinyurl.com/ joinCUteam

—Anish Kanoria, VSA President

VSA Sesquicentennial

As VSA President Anish Kanoria mentioned in his email over the weekend, the VSA recently observed the 150th anniversary of its first constitution. Stay tuned for special programming in recognition of this milestone!

Committee on Equity and Inclusion

To mark Black History Month, CEI and SAVP are cosponsoring two screenings of NO! The Rape Documentary, a 2006 feature length film that explores the international atrocity of heterosexual rape and other forms of sexual assault through the first person testimonies, scholarship, spirituality, activism, and cultural work of Black people in the United States. NO! also explores how rape is used as a weapon of homophobia. Produced, written, and directed by Aishah Shahidah Simmons. There will be one screening in February that will center the perspectives of Black women and/or femme, held in the ALANA Center on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 12 p.m. Another campus-wide screening will follow in April. (Questions? Email Chair of Equity and Inclusion Tamar Ballard ’19 at vsaequity@vassar.edu)

—Julian Corbett, VSA General Intern

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