Updates from the VSA

Consensus Agenda – Passed

Finance allocations

  • 3150/3150 from Speakers to The Limit

To bring Chris Fleming to campus for comedy event.

  • 1000/1000 from Conference to Crafts not Bombs.

For labor conference (Labor Notes Conference) in April.

  • 640/640 from Conference to Forum for Political Thought

For International Studies Association 59th Annual Convention 2018.

  • 141.50/141.50 from Conference to Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Affairs

For the Women’s Foreign Policy Group Annual Mentoring Fair  in NYC. “Creates spaces for femme-identifying people to discuss careers in international affairs.”

  • 40/40 from Collab to Relay for Life

For Valentine’s Day Collage of Hearts, making hearts for Valentine’s day with elders at Vassar-Warner Home.

Social Consciousness Fund allocations

  • 250/250 to BSU for Black Love event

BSU is putting on this event as a part of Black History Month to

help celebrate Black people and all kinds of Black love. There will be arts and crafts, food, etc. Money is for snacks and art supplies.

  • 900/900 to BSU for Whose Streets? documentary and producer talkback

Whose Streets is a documentary on Ferguson and police brutality in the Black community. Money is for honorarium and dinner with the producer.

  • 1000/1000 to TBD for a screening of an episode of America in Transition

A documentary web series that takes a look at social change from the perspective of trans people in marginalized communities. TBD is planning on bringing Tiommi Luckett, a Black trans woman and activist associated with the series, to do a Q&A. Money is for honorarium and a dinner with students.

  • 400/2000 to ASA for AC Dumlao event

AC is a trans, queer, non-binary former VC student. AC does work with connecting low-income trans people with legal resources and is coming to campus to house a workshop on what it means to be a trans/queer person of color and the intersections of identity and politics. Money is for food, hotel, and travel.


Ashley Hoyle as VSA Vice President

Alissa Bringas as 2018 Senator for Activities

Defunct Org De-certifications

Body Positive

Episcopal Church of Vassar College

Knights of CommuKnitty


Student Class Issues Alliance

VC Punx

Young Democratic Socialists

Black History Month

The VSA is considering sponsoring an event to mark Black History Month. Chair of Equity and Inclusion Tamar Ballard suggested sponsoring a group of students to visit an African American museum. The African American Alumnae/i of Vassar College (AAAVC) is helping to coordinate a “Vassar Day in Harlem” to see important sites from Black history.

Programming Committee

Programming has also considered contributing to Black History Month celebrations. The committee has a concert coming up and is putting in final offers for the major artist for the spring concert.

Health and Wellness Committee

Health and Wellness is considering hosting a health day during the semester; plans are still in the works.

Project Period will be restocking on Tuesday.

Committee on Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion is working on a dorm beautification project consisting of small projects in each dorm done in collaboration with house teams.

Committee on Residential Affairs

Residential Affairs is considering how best to make use of the Board of Residential Affairs (BoRA), including how the board might be restructured to make it more effective. Chair of Finance Robyn Lin expressed concern that first-year students should have direct access to VSA Senate, something lost when house presidents are not required to attend. President Anish Kanoria said that BoRA has not developed into what the VSA expected it would during restructuring in 2015-16. Conversations are underway about how to define the relationship between the student association and the house teams in advance of spring elections.

Organizations Committee

Preliminary organization (pre-org) applications are currently being accepted.

Pre-org review is also underway; the results of that process will determine which pre-orgs advance towards full org status. Audits of full orgs are also continuing.


The President has been in touch with the administration about the reappointment of Dean of the College Chris Roellke; a survey was sent out to all students via email.

The President advocated for the creation of an Asian American Studies Department in response to the recent petition circulated by students. The organizers of the petition were put in touch with a Vassar alum who can help with the process of advocating for a new department.

The President also advocated for the creation of an international students alumnae/i association.

The VSA website has been made largely up to date; this process is almost complete.

The College is restructuring its sustainability committee such that it will now have more decision makers on it and include three student representatives (instead of just two). One of the student reps will be a senator from the VSA and the two others will be student leaders from sustainability orgs on campus.

Spring elections will be happening in six to eight weeks.

Meeting Location and Time

VSA has recently changed its meeting time and location. The previous meeting was held last Sunday, Feb. 11, at noon in the Davison House MPR. The next meeting will be held at the same time and place on Sunday, Feb. 18.

VSA 150

The VSA will be reaching out to former VSA Presidents to compile a record of memories and experiences over the course of the VSA’s history. We are also exploring the possibility of doing a targeted VSA 150 fundraiser, with the direction of the funds raised to be decided. Thoughts include another VSA endowed fund, or a fund to sponsor students to travel to New York City for job/internship interviews.

President Anish Kanoria has been working with President Bradley’s office and the Engaged Pluralism Initiative to set up a panel discussion of what it means for Vassar to be a “global campus,” part of the 150th anniversary celebrations.

The Executive Board approved a $1,500 contribution to All College Days as part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary.

Senate adopted the logo below to mark the 150th anniversary of the VSA.

—Julian Corbett, VSA General Intern

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