Can you help me with this essay?

It’s only a few weeks away until spring break, spelling a drastic increase in midterms and papers for most students. Due to my superior organizational skills, I have pretty much all my assignments done already, but I also have so many commitments I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m so busy! Even though I have everything done, I have no time! While I am entirely capable of completing my own work, I do need a little bit of help with one essay. I was hoping to crowdsource the proofreading and editing process. Here’s my first body paragraph so far:

Kate’s character exhibits no indication within the text whether she is in on the game with Petruchio. Shakespeare lived a long time ago, indicating that perhaps he was writing at a time when stage directions were limited, so it makes sense that there is no physical indications for her to wink or behave in another way indicating she is more in charge of Petruchio than he is. Furthermore, there are no spoken lines that indicate that she is tricking anyone and really isn’t any less ‘tame.’ There simply is no evidence in the text to indicate that interpretation should receive validity from readers, performers, directors, stage managers, or audience members.

I’m not completely happy with this paragraph. First off, I couldn’t include any textual evidence, partly because I didn’t read the play, but mostly because modern readers have imposed that interpretation on the text. Hopefully, you’ve read the play, so maybe you know of a quote I could use that supports this. I also couldn’t really come up with a word better than indication, so if you think of a word that works better, I could alternate between the two and sound less redundant.

I’m also having trouble connecting this back to my thesis. I haven’t written one. I like to write all the body paragraphs first and then figure something out, so please keep that in mind as you read another body paragraph I’ve completed:

Urbanization means cities increasing in size. Once this happened, suburbanization happened, where all the people moved out to the suburbs in their cars. It’s hard to understand trends in urban renewal without considering Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, where he widened the streets. Even though cars weren’t invented yet, Haussmann’s innovation allowed for more carts in the streets, which are kind of like cars with a ‘t’ and without engines, unless you count a horse. That’s how come Haussmann did such a good job making Paris more accessible for everyone and anyone.

What do you think? Again, if you could come up with a thesis, that would probably help pull the whole thing together. I’m not really sure, though, I’m not that great at essays. Oh, while you’re thinking about a thesis, it would be super helpful to also have an introductory paragraph and a conclusion. The assignment says the conclusion should connect the argument of the essay to one of the broader themes discussed in class, so you might want to get on my Moodle and see if the syllabus names any of those broader themes so you can do a good job connecting my essay to the broader themes of the class. It would suck for you to spend all this time on my essay and for me to get a C for not following instructions.

I have one more body paragraph. It’s actually more of an idea for a body paragraph. Actually, it’s kind of a rough outline of something that might be an idea for a body paragraph. Could you look it over, come up with a topic sentence, find evidence, and then explain the evidence? Here it is:




WO-man. Whoa, man.

Is it a little derivative? Also, what does “derivative” mean? I may need to explain it to my friend who’s helping me with my calculus problem sets. I’ve also been thinking about submitting this outline-sort-of-paragraph to WordSmiths, do you know if it counts as poetry? Also, do you know if they have an open mic coming up? And do you know if anyone in that org is also in Intro to Creative Writing this semester? I need help with a sonnet, so if you could look into that, I need a list of names ASAP. Also if you could narrow down the list of names into a top 5 list, then pick from that list, contact that person, and tell them I need a sonnet, that would be great. You’re the best! I gotta go take a nap. Good luck with my essay!

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