Exclusive: First-year gives inside look into her acclaimed Skrillex fanfiction

Were you one of those people who wrote fanfiction about celebrities you were obsessed with? Do you remember the days when you felt like you could realistically date Liam Payne? I do. During my middle school fanfic phase, Skrillex was my go-to celebrity crush. I have no explanation as to how or why this happened; maybe it had something to do with my emo phase that was going on at the same time. For your reading pleasure, I have included an excerpt of my favorite chapter—a chapter full of romance, mystery and intrigue.

To introduce the characters:

  1. Hy Moon—Skrillex’s steampunk alter ego in the steampunk version of England. (During this time I also believed the idea that steampunk was cool.)
  2. Jasper— One of my love interests. Super mean. Has a mechanical eye for some reason. He doesn’t like Hy.
  3. Izzie— Me. Has a crush on Hy. Jasper’s best friend. Somehow doesn’t realize Jasper is super mean.

Now that you are familiar with the extremely complex and professionally developed nature of the three main characters, I can grant you the pleasure of reading my Pulitzer Prize-worthy work.
Jasper picked up roses, no good.
Lilies? No good either.

He was pondering a tulip’s worth when the florist approached.

She smiled. “For a girl, I assume, so I recommend these. A good orchid or two is a nice way to a girl’s heart.”

Jasper glanced down, glancing back at the florist with an apprehensive glare.

“I’ll take a dozen.” Jasper reached for his wallet.

The poor girl was taken aback.

“Sir, these are quite pricey, I don’t…”

Jasper sighed. “I’ll take a dozen. I don’t have time for unnecessary banter.”

The girl gasped. “Wait, are you Jasper Lee? Of Lee and sons? Oh it’s such an honor to mee-“

“Yes. Miss, I’ll just take the flowers and go. Charge it to my account, I must leave.” He snatched the bouquet from the woman’s hands and marched out the door. With a new purpose, he sped down the road to Izzie’s.

Later, Izzie turned from the dishes at a sharp rap on the door.

She sighed. “It’s open, Jasper.”

Jasper laughed as he pushed open the heavy door. “You knew it was me?”

“Of course. Only you have a large enough head to knock once. Use the doorbell, why don’t you? Also, what are you trying so desperately to hide there?”

Jasper brought the bouquet over to the kitchen and set the flowers in a nearby vase.
“Well, you’ve been working so hard lately. I thought you deserved it.”

Izzie was in shock. Usually, Jasper only thought about himself.

She smiled. “So beautiful, I love orchids. I’ve only ever seen them at my parents’ funeral.”

Jasper beamed with pride, his chest puffed out like a lion.

“Let your hair down more often, you could look almost as pretty as the orchid.”

“Oh Jasper, you sly fox,” she replied.

He took a seat at the table. Looking at a stack of papers, a small folder caught his eye.

“Are these lyrics?” Adjusting his mechanical eye, Jasper read the proposed song.  

“And when it’s all over, we can be together

Venture to the world inside
I could see in deeper
I could see in clearer
I’ll never be afraid to die, again
I’ll always be there for you”


“What are you reading there, Jasper?” Izzie asked

He quickly crinkled the paper. “Just a receipt, dear.”

After all, he couldn’t let her see this.

Not ever.

Miles away, Hy decided to visit his closest friend. Upon arrival at her mansion, he called: “Izzie, you there?”

No answer. “Izzie, are you there?” He repeated. He was stopped short at the sight of a purple blazer forgotten on a coat hook. “Expensive imported silk, probably,” he mused.
Then, his face fell with the realization that Jasper had been here.

Hy walked over to where Izzie was reading a book on the ottoman, and tapped her shoulder. Izzie startled and jerked her head upwards, smashing into Hy’s chin.

“Blimey! You made me bite my tongue!” Hy clutched at his mouth.

Izzie frantically apologized.

“Such an idiot, you know that?” He smiled and made his way towards the sitting room.

“You know, it’s funny,” Izzie called from the kitchen, “Jasper said the same thing not four hours ago.”

Hy’s smile froze.

“Izzie, did you happen to check the table? I had a little surprise for you.”
She turned from with a perplexed glance.

“Why, yes actually. Although, All I found out of place there was an empty folder.”

Hy glanced towards the trash. The song was sitting on top, crumpled.

“Jasper…” he thought.

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