VSA Updates 2/20/18

Consensus Agenda – Passed

Finance allocations

—3169/3269 from Speakers to Feminist Alliance for Transformative Justice: A Teach-In with the LIES Collective.

—1500/2398.48 from Capital to Vassar Filmmakers for film equipment

—500/500 from Discretionary to VC++ for Snacks for IgniteCS series

Bylaw Amendments

—The VSA Senate adopted two amendments to the VSA Bylaws. The first consolidates the Town Houses, Terrace Appartments, South Commons and Town Student Treasurer positions into one Apartment Areas Treasurer position. The second puts into effect the changes in student representation to the College’s sustainability joint committee mentioned last week.

Programming Committee

—The New York City shuttle will be either this coming weekend or the next, depending on weather and conflicting events.

Health and Wellness Committee

—Last semester, the committee began constructing a database containing information and student feedback about mental health providers in the Poughkeepsie area. The committee is continuing work on the database this semester. Chair of Health and Wellness Tanyx Madrigal ’18 has been in communication with President Bradley about possible collaboration.

—Health and Wellness is still in the early stages of planning a campus wellness day; more details will come as plans are fleshed out.

Committee on Equity and Inclusion

—Equity and Inclusion has been collaborating with Health and Wellness on a POC health day, still in the early stages of planning.

—Results of the What Happens Here survey will be presented some time in March. The exact date is not yet known.

—Last Friday, Equity and Inclusion collaborating with Campus Life and Diversity to send students to a screening of the movie “Black Panther,” which was followed by a conversation amongst participants about Black representation in the media.

Finance Committee

—Chair Robyn Lin ’18 met with College Finance and Administration about Workday and the organization of budget numbers.

Committee on Residential Affairs

—Residential Affairs has been discussing the limited availability of food at certain times of day on campus, particularly in the Deece between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m. Chair Takunda Maisva ’19 has been talking with administration about this gap in service and the ability of the Deece to be used by student orgs for meetings and events.

Organizations Committee

—Organizations reviewed nine pre-org applications. Pre-org applications are open until Sunday Feb. 25.

Vice President

—Newly-appointed Vice President Ashley Hoyle ’18 has been familiarizing herself with the current state of procedures in use by the VSA as part of a review of the past semester.


—President Anish Kanoria ’18 encouraged all students to fill out the survey regarding Dean of the College Chris Roellke.

—The Board of Trustees will meet this weekend; the President invited any students with concerns to be voiced to the trustees to express them to him in advance of the meeting.

—As part of the VSA 150th anniversary, the VSA, the office of President Bradley and the Engaged Pluralism Initiative have collaborated to organize a panel of professors on what it means to be a global campus. The tentative date for the panel is Wednesday, March 28, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Villard Room. All students, faculty and community members are invited.

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