Day: February 21, 2018

Vassar Devils serenade campus with Valentinograms

By Matt Stein – 4 years ago

Every Feb. 14, chocolate sales will increase, CVS lines will be filled with people buying last-minute gifts and the Vassar Devils will wake someone up at five in the morning…

The bold, the beautiful, the bodacious: Burlesque is back

By Olivia Feltus – 4 years ago

Burlesque, as an art, is a sensual and liberating form of self-expression and exploration. Involving a synchronized mind-body effort to find complete comfort with one’s sexuality in a world where…

Life of a senior—Why am I here?

By Frank Najarro – 4 years ago

Most days I ask myself, “Why am I here?” At this moment exactly one year ago, I was petting koala bears and feeding kangaroos in Australia. But just like my…