VSA Updates

Consensus Agenda – Passed

Finance allocations

—5000/5000 from Speakers to Women’s Center for feminist activist Jamia Wilson to come speak for “Embracing Global Feminism and Transcending Women’s March Activism.”

—3000/3000 from Capital to Vassar Student Musicians Union for card access relocation to new music practice room in Blodgett Hall.

—187.10/187.10 from Capital to VC Bikes for work stand for holding bikes off the ground when doing work on them.

—680/1500 from Community to Habitat for Humanity for Spring Break service week for food and transportation.


—Kci Archibald to the position of Chair of Planning

—Mari Robles to the position of Strong House Programming Director Bylaw Amendments

—The VSA Senate adopted an amendments to the VSA Bylaws and Constitution abolishing the positions of appointed Co-Chair of Equity and Inclusion and appointed Co-Chair of Residential Affairs.

Senate Procedure

—Senate considered a number of potential changes to the way meetings are structured, the result of conversations that have been ongoing since last semester. Measures discussed include:

-Permanent changes to the Senate meeting location and time

-Opening weekly Executive Board meetings to Senate members

-Mandating reports from closed Executive Board meetings

-Abolishing the use of Robert’s Rules of Order in Senate

-Requiring updates from committees to be submitted in writing

-Formalizing a check-in procedure to be added to the beginning of Senate meetings.

Programming Committee

—No updates.

Health and Wellness Committee

—President Bradley gave the go-ahead to begin work on the student database for mental health care providers.

—Health and Wellness will be collaborating with Vassar Health Education on planning a day of wellness, to be scheduled for a weekend near study period.

Planning Committee

—No updates.

Joint Committees

—The President and Vice-President met with members of the College administration about the implementation of a new system to replace Ask Banner.

Academics Committee

—No updates.

Committee on Equity and Inclusion

—Equity and Inclusion did not meet this week. At the next meeting, the committee will be discussing appointments to the review board for Dean of the College Christopher Roellke.

—Chair of Equity and Inclusion Tamar Ballard attended the meeting of the College Joint Committee on Inclusion and Excellence. This committee discussed the use of affinity spaces on campus, including ways to use the phrase “affinity space” while clarifying it is not exclusionary and adding information about affinity spaces to the handbook to provide information to incoming students. The committee also considered bringing speakers to campus to discuss the importance of affinity spaces.

—Ballard will be meeting with Jodie Castanza, director of the LGBTQ+ and Women’s Centers, to discuss the Gender Neutral Bathroom initiative.

—Chair of Health and Wellness Tanyx Madrigal asked that Ballard raise concerns about the Chosen Name Initiative as pertains to commencement and diplomas.

Finance Committee

—Chair of Finance Robyn Lin will be meeting with CIS in the coming week.

Committee on Residential Affairs

—Residential Affairs met to discuss how it can work best to fulfill its mission; this conversation is ongoing.

Organizations Committee

—Pre-org applications have closed. The Organizations Committee will present the results of its deliberation at the next Senate meeting.

Vice President

—Operations is releasing to the Executive Board a database to track the results of meetings between Executive Board members and representatives from the College administration.

—After a trial period with the Executive Board, this database will be made accessible to all members of Senate, to be used in any meetings with administrators and joint committees.


—President Anish Kanoria attended the Board of Trustees meeting in Los Angeles this past weekend. He reported that the meetings went as expected. Two trustees discussed their eagerness to visit campus; they will be arranged possible meetings.

—Kanoria met with President Bradley and Dean Roellke to discuss the process of reporting alcohol citations to graduate schools. The College is required by law to report “major offenses” to grad schools, but “minor offenses” are reported only at Vassar’s discretion.

—Next week, Senate will host a forum with Director of Health Services Dr. Irena Balawajder.

—Julian Corbett, VSA General Intern

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