Day: March 28, 2018

Why we play: Alex Riccio

By Alex Riccio – 6 years ago

Fall semester sophomore year was supposed to be a new beginning for me. A turbulent first year—both at school and at home—had left me looking to get the new year…

New bill gives MLB free pass on paying overtime

By Myles Olmsted – 6 years ago

Spring is here, and with it, baseball. MLB teams have spent the past month in Florida and Arizona, preparing for the long season, which begins March 29. The new season…

VC baseball players warm up under Californian sun

By Fiona MacLeod – 6 years ago

Last week, to prepare for upcoming Liberty League games, the Vassar College baseball team traveled to California for spring training. Despite going 2-5 on the West Coast, the team performed…

Trek out West makes Rocky Mountain dream come true

By Aidan Zola – 6 years ago

Well, we’re back. After two weeks of eating, sleeping and watching way too many YouTube videos, it’s time to make the final push to May. And if you’re anything like…

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