An iPhone note poem

Shortening chicken broth, both half and Half, New England Roll Yami Yami

But, at 11:30, 28th of December,

Milford office, Main Street

IUD and Email museum

Kant is concerned with morality, but

Hypothetical imperative isn’t moral-

731 731 731 731 731 731

Don’t! Forget to get Jack popcorn

The Boom Chicka Pop kind

But, at 3:30, 2nd of May

DON’T FORGET PAPERS- the papers that say

Webkinz username: ripetomato

What STD affects the liver? What are genital herpes

Wurf, HDjjf

STUFF TO DO- a note that was sadly

Left blank

One or two bags of flour I don’t know!!! And I never

Found out what the flour was for

Cowboy underwear x12 Penguin thong x2 NO VICTORIA’S SECRET

Why I was so adamant about not purchasing from the brand,

I don’t know, but


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