Student grieves loss of Geraldine the mouse

Heaven welcomed another angel this week. Geraldine the mouse’s favorite pastimes were nibbling on her roommate’s gluten-free pretzel sticks and smiling. / Courtesy of Max Pixel

Geraldine the Mouse, beloved third roommate of Joss 215, passed away late in the afternoon of March 26 in the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen. While her respect for the sovereign snack property of her two roommates left much to be desired, her nocturnal skitterings will be greatly missed by all.

Before she departed from the mortal coil, Geraldine displayed extreme perseverance in the face of adversity. She overcame extreme difficulty to build her nest behind the microfridge, with easy access to the snacks on top of the fridge. She even chewed through several Ziploc bags to munch on delicious (and expensive) gluten-free pretzel sticks and granola that I totally did not plan to stress eat later.

In the rare moments when she revealed herself during the day, her golden brown fur looked so soft that those in the room almost suppressed their screams of disgust and terror. Geraldine is survived by who knows how many mice residing in Joss; that’s a terrifying thought. Her plucky spirit and ability to stay in one corner of the room made her an asset to 215, and its two remaining residents can almost bring themselves to miss her.

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