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The VSA will be holding elections for positions for 2018-19 school year over the next few weeks. More about candidates can be found at vsa.vassar.edu/elections/file/results./ Courtesy of Wikipedia

Consensus Agenda – Passed

Finance allocations

  • 184/184 from Capital to BSU for lights and a banner
  • $392/1800 from Collaboration to UnFramed for their annual red sands gala (which was not a part of their annual budget)
  • $661.64/661.64 from Capital to Outing club for materials related to canoeing, in light of the biology department agreeing to lend the club canoes
  • $160/280 from Capital to Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine
  • $130/240 from Collab to Relay for Life for their annual 5K at the Vassar farm
  • $1080/1080 from Discretionary to Jewish Voice for Peace to host speaker Dan Fishback
  • $2,000/2,000 from Administrative Office to Jewish Voice for Peace for Una Osoto (who has previously taught at Vassar)
  • $800/800 from Speakers to Middle Eastern and North African Students Alliance (previously Middle Eastern Students Collective) for Islam Maraca, Joe Catron, Katie Miranda, and Rana Nazzal

Social Consciousness Fund allocations

  • 400/400 to SASA for Holi (they needed money for food and the colored powder they use in the event)
  • 950/950 to BSU for Security, Shuttles, and DJs (food, housing, and transportation) for an event they’re having after Spring Concert called Carnival Fete

Spring Elections

Filing for spring elections has now closed. Some of the candidates include:

VSA President:

  • Tamar Ballard ’19
  • Allison Breeze ’19
  • Jesser Horowitz ’19

Chair of Equity and Inclusion:

  • Eloudia Odamy ’21

Chair of Academics:

  • May Venkat-Ramani ’20

Chair of Organizations:

  • Dea Oviedo ’20

Chair of Finance:

  • Mendel Jimenez ’20
  • Ted Xie ’20

Chair of First Year Programs:

  • Benjamin Kheyfets ’21

Chair of Planning:

  • Samantha Steeves ’21

Chair of Health and Wellness:

  • Maya Bernard ’21
  • Aisha Malik ’21

Chair of Programming:

  • Arjun Singh ’20
  • Keira Congo ’20

College Planning Senator:

  • Happy Xu ’21
  • Christian Kulp ’21

Find out more about these candidates and see who’s running for many other positions by clicking here.

Finance Committee

  • Annual budgeting is now underway. The deadline for all budget applications is April 8th.

Committee on Residential Affairs

  • Dean of Strategic Planning Marianne Begemann came to talk with the committee about the College’s plan to build an inn on campus. Money for the project would come from a special gift fund, and how the space would fit into the Vassar mission is being worked out.
  • The College Alcohol Task Force has issued its final report. The task force recommended that 20 percent of the Student Activities Fund be allocated directly to the Campus Activities Office.

—Julian Corbett, VSA General Intern

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