Current Vassar Devil confesses love for a cappella group

As shown in the photo, the Vassar Devils is an inclusive student organization that not only nurtures the College’s musical talents but also fosters friendship and harmony./Courtesy of the Vassar Devils

The Vassar Devils gained national and international attention after winning the Boston Sings A Cappella Festival in 2016. They also received multiple nominations for Contemporary Recorded A Cappella Awards for their debut iTunes album Coming Alive.

While these accolades allowed the Devils to gain momentum as a premiere collegiate a cappella group, they’ve proven to have the ability to reach new heights beyond their success and continued to excel this year.

The Devils––known for their tight harmonies and impeccable dynamics––work year-round to produce quality music. With a jam-packed second semester of performances on and off campus, the Devils are preparing for continued success.

Being a member of the Devils has made my first year of college significantly better. The members of the group are supportive and genuine, and are 11 of the best people I have met.

Lily Carmichael ’20 is our current musical and personal leader. Her musical prowess and personable nature are some of the primary reasons why the Devils have continued to succeed after a large number of members graduated last spring.

When asked what the Devils mean to her, Carmichael replied: “I have never been more passionate about anything in my life. And it’s not really a cappella that I’m talking about; I am passionate about this group, the people, the way we make music with each other, and our ability to connect with others through our music. Being in the Devils has changed my life. Because of them, I am a better musician, a better leader, a better person. This group is my family, and I am so unbelievably grateful to be a part of it.”

To members of the org, the Devils are more than simply a collegiate a cappella group. From course selection to finding “the Mug” to helping me find the perfect groutfit for our performances, the Devils have been there for me in contexts beyond rehearsal.

I am eternally grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of this group and to make music with such quality individuals. I know that being a member of this group has allowed me to do more than simply improve my musicianship––it has enabled me to make long-term friends.

Being a member of the Devils has provided me with experiences that I would not have gotten otherwise, and this has significantly deepened my love of music. I feel honored to have the opportunity to create music and spend time with other members of the group. The Devils have made my experience at Vassar significantly better. As soon as I was accepted into the org, I felt welcomed and supported by the other members.

Fellow first-year Devil Susanna Monroe feels similarly about the group, as evidenced by her articulation of what the Devils mean to her as a first-year. Monroe commented, “Like most first-years, coming into Vassar I was worried that I would not be able to find my place in the community or find people I could become close to. However, being in the Devils has put those fears to rest.”

She added, “Music has been the most important part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it means so much to me to be able to sing with others who value and love music as much as I do. Being in this loving and devoted community has made my first year of college so much better by helping me form meaningful friendships and build my confidence.”

In the first half of the academic year, the Devils performed in a joint concert with the Nor’easters of Northeastern University and released a cover of Beyonce’s “Love On Top” on iTunes and Spotify, among various other gigs, such as a wedding, the second annual Dockappella Music Festival in New York City and a workshop series at a local high school.

Clearly, we keep ourselves busy. This semester, the our schedule is even more jam-packed than first semester, with multiple performances every week and preparation for a new set that will be recorded and put on YouTube by the end of the academic year.

This past weekend (April 7 and 8), we headed on a mini-tour to perform at the Acappellooza Festival in Connecticut and Massachusetts. More exciting things are ahead for us, too. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary with a special concert later this spring, and are in the process of recording our second professional studio album, which will be released on iTunes and Spotify in the near future.

Visit our website,, for updates and more.

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