VSA Updates 4/8/18

Consensus Agenda – Passed

Finance allocations

  • 30,000/52,000 from Discretionary to Founder’s Day Music due to increased costs and lack of music choice.
  • 255.82/255.82 from Capital to WVKR for a listening station and the necessary equipment for the station.
  • 2320/2320 from Discretionary to Feminist Alliance to bring a speaker to campus on the condition of discussions with NAISA and confirmed location.
  • 1350/1750 from Community to VISA for a dance event.
  • 550/1080 from Speakers to VC Royalty to bring a drag performer for queer Villard night.
  • 337.50 from Preorgs to Vassar Burlesque for security costs for Burlesque in Bloom.

Org certifications

  • To new pre-org status: Healthcare Industry Club, Jiu Jitsu Club, Chess Club, Spoon U and Buddies.
  • To full org status: VC++, Burlesque, Smash Club, The Underground and CoOperative.

Spring Elections

  • Voting in spring elections is now underway! Cast your ballot at vsavote. vassar.edu by noon on Thursday, April 12.

Forum with Dean of Strategic Planning Marianne Begemann

  • The VSA held a forum with Dean Marianne Begemann at its last meeting. The primary topic of discussion was the Master Planning Committee’s plans to build an “inn and institute for the liberal arts.”
  • Funding would come from a dedicated donor source and is not meant to draw on other campus funds. • The proposed site is currently the green space next to Alumnae House, with the future location of the Arlington Farmers Market still being decided.
  • Senate members expressed concerns about the accessibility of the space to students and the importance of maintenance to other buildings on campus (including Raymond House).
  • Dean Begemann responded that the project is seen by the administration as an opportunity to pave the way for more comprehensive renovations to the rest of campus. Amendments to VSA Bylaws and Constitution
  • Following the results of a straw poll held during Senate last month, the Operations Committee drafted a series of amendments to the VSA Bylaws and Constitution regarding meetings and procedures of the VSA Senate.
  • Changes include: formalization of the new meeting time (Sundays at noon), clarification of language regarding meeting place (now to be set by each new Senate), the abolition of the use of Robert’s Rules of Order and the new requirement that Operations Committee draft special rules of order each year, the institution of a formal check-in procedure for the beginning of each Senate meeting, the dissolution of the Judicial Board (which has been taken over by the Dean of Students’ office) and the new requirement that Executive Board meetings begin as open meetings (subject to closure at the discretion of Exec members) and that Exec members provide a report concerning the business of their meetings to Senate.

Letter regarding Jacob “JJ” Juviler ’21

  • In response to concerns expressed by friends of JJ Juviler regarding the administration’s response to his passing and in collaboration with those students, Operations Committee drafted and VSA Senate endorsed a letter to President Bradley and Deans Roellke and Walen sharing these concerns and outlining a number of steps that the administration can take in response.
  • The VSA is also co-sponsoring a memorial to Juviler, including a tree and picnic bench to be dedicated in his honor.

Finance Committee

  • All annual budgeting applications should have been turned in. Finance Committee will meet over the coming weekend to review applications and begin the process of drafting the annual budget for next year.


  • No updates Executive Board

Executive Board

  • No updates

—Julian Corbett, General VSA Intern

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