Student stumbles upon best of Late Night Deece fashion

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Late night Deece”? Is it mozzarella sticks? Awkwardly running into your crush while sporting your comfiest pajama pants? This week, I took to Late Night to find something completely different—the best Deece fashion games in town. When asked to describe their personal style, four students/fashion icons volunteered responses.

Cameron Asharian ’21: “Usually it’s just whatever I feel like. But today, I feel like a ’70s dad.”

Brianna Francois ’21: “Anything that’s comfortable, really. Also, ’80s/’90s France.”

Jillian Van Siclen ’21: “Jeans, t-shirt, comfortable shoes (I have really bad blisters, so flip-flops lately), and denim jacket are my go-to’s… something that looks put-together, but looks like I didn’t try that hard.”

Sarah Boese ’20: “I’d say my personal style is reflective of my mother’s personal style—half of my clothing is stolen from her! Most of my friends would call it ‘grandma chic’ because I really like wearing loose clothing. I just find whatever is comfortable in my closet and what feels right that day and then throw on something that I know I’m going to love—like my favorite sweater or favorite shirt. I know it’s going to make me happy that day.”

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