Yelp Review: The High Life, Amsterdam

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The High Life, Amsterdam 3/5 Stars
Added: 9/12/18

Beautiful scenery. Gorgeous canals. Friendly people. Confused about the high occurrence of scantily-clad individuals; must just be summer in Europe! Summer would be much more fun back home in the States if it were all like this. Place was located in an adorable area of the region in a neighborhood called the Red Light District. Was browsing around for restaurants and stumbled across this neat cafe! “The High Life”—what an interesting and quirky name! There was some sort of maple leaf symbol on the side of the restaurant. My husband and I didn’t get the reference—we asked a passing waiter and only got a side-eye. Unfortunately, not the only rude member of the staff. Waited for a waiter for over 30 minutes; they did not come up to the table we sat at. Water was provided, but waiter left the pitcher on the table

and did not return to pour our drinks. The meal was delicious—had an interesting herb-y flavor, but maybe was a little too strong. Though the waitstaff was ill-mannered, decided to tip generously, but we were met with contempt and scorn. Was thoroughly offended, told waiter that we would never be visiting the restaurant again—was greeted with more odd looks when called establishment a “restaurant.” Not only the staff, but the customers seemed rowdy and incoherent. Seemed the business was not under effective management. Rude waitstaff and unruly batch of fellow customers were not impressive. Giving this restaurant three stars because of eclectic location and unique-tasting dishes, especially enjoyed their “lingweedne” for dinner and “your roommate’s brownies” for a dessert option.

User 2347
The High Life, Amsterdam 1/5 stars
Updated: 9/13/18

Very upset and disappointed. Learned that the Red Light District is NOT family safe and an extremely bad choice of venue for a “restaurant.” Thought that “The High Life” was cute and clever name for a restaurant, but apparently instead it functioned to inform the customer the egregious nature and aim of the establishment. The term “coffee house,” as it was advertised by the surrounding populace, does NOT equate to a coffee house in the States—was not served coffee-related items. Instead, “coffee house” refers to “marijuana store.” Disappointed that the youth have sullied even the sacred age-old restaurant industry with their marijuana paraphernalia and culture. This would explain the strange maple leaf symbol on the side of the restaurant. Was informed that it was not a “maple leaf” but instead was a “marijuana leaf.” Don’t know why a neighborhood would allow the weed influencers to tout their wicked name where all could see.

Yelp User 2347

The High Life, Amsterdam
1/5 stars
Updated 9/14/18
Appalled and horrified. Apparently the establishment of “The High Life” was not just marijuana-themed, but also sold and distributed marijuana-themed food and objects. The unabashed attitude of youths toward the usage of such recreational substances was displayed in full with the existence of this establishment. My husband and I consumed items of food that contained marijuana and are equally as horrified that marijuana-crazed youths would even go as far to ruin the age-old tradition of the art of cooking. It seems the youths have no respect for restaurants, cooking, families, neighborhoods or the wholesome sanctity of eating. Am deeply worried about what I have observed. Will never be visiting the installation “The High Life” ever again, and will be telling my peers and friends about the features of this place. Am considering telling the neighborhood about the nature of this establishment.

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