VSA Updates

Finance Allocations

  • 19.99/19.99 for Quidditch
  • 31/31 for Bike Shop

    Executive Board Updates: Chair of Equity and Inclusion

  • The Equity and Inclusion Committee explored ideas for the forum. One idea that came up was the idea of gender inclusion, particularly given the recent changes to Strong’s mission statement.

Chair of Residential Affairs

  • The Residential Affairs Committee discussed the pick-up project.

Chair of Academics

  • Academics Committee formalized the data for the Senate forum on curricular change: Oct. 28 in Rockefeller Hall. Faculty members will describe the new curriculum, which goes into effect in 2019. There will be a forum in November with Dean Lotto.

Chair of Organizations

  • Organizations Committee has been reviewing orgs’ constitions.
  • The committee sent out a form for orgs to fill out for the orgs list on the updated VSA website.
  • Chair talked to Michelle Ransom about finding closet space for orgs.

Chair of Finance

  • On Monday, Sept. 24, Chair and CoChair met with Board of Elections and Appointments to make a timeline for bringing in new Finance Committee members.

Vice President

  • Elections for first-years are underway. The mandatory Candidates Meeting will be in Rockefeller Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 26.


  • VSA President and Vice President sit on the Priorities and Planning Committee. President Bradley and Dean of Strategic Planning Marianne Begemann are coming to Senate on Oct. 7 to talk about the planning process.
  • This year is VSA’s 150th anniversary! President talked to Michelle Ransom about ways to celebrate. They might include the Poughkeepsie pick-up project as part of the celebration by reviving Meet Me in Poughkeepsie.
  • They also may take on an office revitalization project, as the office does not look great and not everybody feels comfortable going there.

Committee Chair Updates: Chair of Planning

  • Planning Committee met on Thursday, Sept. 20. They are trying to clarify the difference between Planning Committee and Operations Committee.

Chair of Health and Wellness

  • Health and Wellness Committee will meet for the first time next week.

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