VSA Updates

Consensus Agenda–Passed

Finance allocations

  • $209.52/$209.52 to Aikido Club from Capital Fund—headgear and sparring gloves
  • 2000/2000 to Outing Club from Discretionary Fund
    —money to subsidize membership and travel costs for Climbing Team
  • $67.96/$67.96 to Chess Club from Capital Fund
    —four chess boards that will be stored with NSO and which are necessary for this pre-org’s programming
  • $400/$500 to Contrast from Community Fund
    —annual fashion presentation in December
  • $2500/$3890 to Student Musicians Union from Capital Fund
    —sound systems to make new practice space functional
  • $750/$750 to PHOCUS from Conference Fund
    —12+ members to attend regional photography conference
  • $150/$150 to Toastmasters from Pre-organizations Fund
    —subsidy for new member fees and six-month membership fees to international organization
  • $2150/$2150 to Vassar Student Review from Discretionary Fundd
    —annual budget

BoEA Appointments

Cody Harmon ’19 and Kristin Caolo ’19 appointed Senior Gift Co-Chairs

Executive Board Updates

Chair of Academics

The academics committee is involved in the organization of a public forum, to be held on Oct. 28, regarding the planned curricular change. Chair of Academics May Venkat-Ramani ’20, Professor Teresa Garrett, Professor Christopher Bjork and Dean of the Faculty Jonathan Chenette will be in attendance.

Chair of Equity and Inclusion

The chair met with a senior to consider hosting a workshop in January with students, faculty and staff to discuss racism. The committee would seek collaboration with ALANA Center orgs.

Chair of Organizations

The committee is in the process of reviewing proposed org constitutions.

Chair of Finance

The committee is working with the Board of Elections and Appointments (BoEA) to seek out new committee members. New members would be reviewed and appointed by BoEA.

As we have reached the end of the month, org treasurers should be completing reconciliation forms.

Vice President

President Elizabeth Bradley will be coming in to the next Senate meeting on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 2:30 p.m. to discuss the College’s five-year plan. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting.


The Engaged Pluralism Initiative Steering Committee met to discuss the results of last year’s Campus Climate Survey. Results from that survey will be released in November; the committee is discussing how to engage the campus community in a dialogue around these results.

President Tamar Ballard will be meeting with Athletics to discuss the relationship between the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and the VSA.

Ballard talked about Bon Appetit’s planned phase out of the Deece’s plastic straws with Dean of the College Carlos Alamo-Pastrana.

Committee Chair Updates

Chair of Health and Wellness

Chair met with Director of Health Services Dr. Irena Balawajder to discuss plans for restocking first-aid kits in residential houses.

The committee is planning a “Health-oween” event in the week leading up to Halloween to inform students of the resources that will be available to them during Halloweekend.

Chair of Programming

The committee is planning events to be held during October break, which may include a bus to New Paltz and a movie night.

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