Insta Spotlight: Photographer showcases abstract art

Above is a screenshot of the artist’s third post, which is one of their favorites. The student Instagram account features photos and videos that capture the surrealistic elements of real life. Courtesy of gofortheabstract via Instagram.

Gofortheabstract is a public Instagram art account with a distinctive style implicit in its name. Each post is an original photo or video matched with a word that somehow coincides with its mood or palette. This week, we invited the enigmatic artist to chat about the creation and management of the account.

The Miscellany News: What inspired you to create gofortheabstract?

gofortheabstract: From the beginning, I was inspired by the photography project Humans of New York, but I didn’t want any humans, any stories or any York, especially New York.

The Misc: How long has this account been running?

gofortheabstract: Unfortunately, I was late to the Insta game, starting my account in late 2016.

The Misc: Would you like to introduce yourself or provide some hints of your identity?

gofortheabstract: Can’t say I haven’t been giving hints from the beginning, but, I’ll just say: He protecc, he attacc, but most of all he abstracc.

The Misc: How would you describe the aesthetics of your account?

gofortheabstract: Kind of like ASMR, but less autonomous and more anonymous.

The Misc: What has been your process of selecting photos and posting them?

gofortheabstract: Yike, what a question—I don’t have too much of a process—I kinda just go with the flow, and when I see something that grabs my attention, I take a picture and sometimes post it.

The Misc: How do you come up with the word to match the picture?

gofortheabstract: All are names—all our names—it’s fun to give the photos a character behind them.

The Misc: Do you have a favorite post?

gofortheabstract: Like some of the other posts, the third post I made, titled “gina,” speaks to the baroque sensibility of decay—let’s just say, she’s seen better days.

The Misc: Are there any interesting stories happened because of the account?

gofortheabstract: Lemme think… Once I accidentally posted a late-weekend-night selfie on this account instead of my personal. A few people saw it, but luckily my good friend was among the late-night instastory viewers and alerted me to my mistake early, so I could take it down and preserve my secret identity.

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