Take this quiz and find out your earthly Patronus

1. Which print/pattern do you prefer?

a) Stripes, no reason

b) Polka dots are fun

c) The good old gingham

d) Damask, a solid choice of wallpaper

e) ~Floral~

2. What’s your favorite leafy green?

a) Lettuce
b) Spinach
c) Kale, why not
d) I don’t eat veggies TBH
e) Does matcha ice cream count?

3. Pick a destination:

a) Glasgow, Scotland

b) Antananarivo, Madagascar

c) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

d) Antarctica

e) Sydney, Australia

4. Which emoji are you?

a) The smiling cat with heart eyes

b) The grinning squinting face

c) The see-no-evil monkey

d) The glowing star

e) I only write letters by hand

5. Choose an activity for November:

a) Curling up in bed reading

b) Collecting fall leaves

c) Strolling in the cool, crisp air

d) Ice skating in NYC

e) Making s’mores by a bonfire

6. What’s your dream occupation?

a) Full-time Netflix viewer

b) Detective

c) Pilot

d) Marine biologist

e) Professional sleeper



Mostly “a”s…
you are a TABBY CAT!

Mostly “b”s…
you are a GIRAFFE!

Mostly “c”s…

Mostly “d”s…
you are a BLUE WHALE!

Mostly “e”s…
you are a BABY KOALA!

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