VSA Updates

Consensus Agenda—Passed

Pre-Approved Allocations:

  • 150/150 from Pre-Organizations to Chess Club
  • 150/150 from Capital to SEASA
  • 180/180 from Discretionary toMENASA
  • 50/50 from Capital to SocialDancing Club


  • 2568/2568 from Speakers to Wordsmiths 1100/1100 from Capi- tal to SORI
  • 266/266 from Discretionary to Chabad Jewish Community
  • 95.65/95.65 from Capital to On Tap 2600/2900 from Speakers
    to BSU 1500/1500 from Social Consciousness Fund to LGBTQ+ CenterAmendments to the VSA Consti- tution and Bylaws
    At its last meeting, the VSA Senate adopted four amendments to its gov- erning documents. The first amend- ment elevated the Chair of First-Year Programs to a full voting member of Senate. The second changed language in the VSA Bylaws concerning forums with administrators and students. The third amendment added the requirement that the executive board members of student orgs be currently enrolled students on campus (i.e. not on academic leave or abroad). The final amendment formalized the rela- tionship between the student Dining Committee and the VSA.

    Health and Wellness Committee

    The committee is seeking funding from the College for stocking first-aid kits on each floor of the residential houses.

    Organizations Committee

    Chair of Organizations Dea Oviedo ’20 is looking into org storage closet assignments, in an effort to accommo- date new requests for storage space.

    Residential Affairs Committee

    The committee is currently con- ducting a survey regarding student experiences with house teams, Res- idential Life and the sense of com- munity within residential houses. All students are encouraged to take the survey, which can be found at https:// tinyurl.com/BoRAforum.

    Equity and Inclusion Committee

    The Committee on Inclusion and Equity (CIE, the College’s equivalent to VSA Equity and Inclusion) met and discussed the descriptions of the committee provided on the College’s committees webpage. The Committee also discussed updating the College’s free speech statement, which was drafted and adopted in 1987, to be more contemporary in its outlook and to include guidelines for responding to free speech-related incidents on campus.

—Julian Corbett, VSA General Intern

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