College reports Campus Climate Survey findings

Following the completion of the survey commissioned by the Engaged Pluralism Initiative (EPI) last spring, the College reported on its findings this week. On Tuesday, Nov. 13, President of the College Elizabeth Bradley sent a summary of the results of the Campus Climate Survey, conducted by Rankin & Associates.

In her message, Bradley expressed, “I am thankful to those of you who completed the survey, and it has identified several areas of campus life that deserve more attention” (“Report on Campus Climate Survey,” 11.13.2018). She noted, however, that a mere 33 percent of those surveyed completed the survey—1,135 in total—leading to over and under-representations in the views participants expressed.

Bradley went on to highlight key findings. Overall, student respondents identifying as transgender and non-cis, students of color, students with disabilities and first-generation and low-income students reported lower levels of comfort on campus. Approximately one-third of respondents indicated instances of exclusion. Additionally, according to Bradley, faculty, administrator and staff respondents reported high levels of feeling valued, though all three groups also indicated instances of exclusion or not belonging.

Further findings can be found in Bradley’s report, published on the Office of the President website. Additionally, Rankin & Associates presented conclusions from those Vassar community members they surveyed at two information sessions on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

In her message, Bradley reflected, “This information is a call…to work harder at fostering a campus where we encourage dialogue and provide the needed resources to fully report and resolve exclusionary…offensive, or hostile actions.”

Bradley commended much of the work of the College and the EPI groups in increasing these resources. Her report mentioned efforts to create new inclusive community spaces as well as to increase and improve leadership development, bias awareness training and general structures that promote inclusion.

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